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AOL Broadband provides reliable and affordable broadband services to customers in the United Kingdom. The company is now one of the largest in the telecommunications industry in the UK. Formerly, the company operated as AOL UK before rebranding and taking on a new name in January 2007.

Although the company had around 2 million subscribers at one time, it has seen the numbers reduce, especially since announcing a freeze on new customers. All new customers interested in buying any of the company’s products and services now have to do it through Talk Talk. The company is one of the oldest Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom.

AOL Broadband Services

AOL Broadband Contact

For many years now, AOL Broadband services have been popular with customers in the United Kingdom. The market in the country is full of cheaper and faster services, but this has not dented AOL’s goal of being one of the leading ISPs in the UK. The standard package for which the company was renowned offered speeds of up to 8Mb.

Customers who wanted to enjoy the incredibly fast speeds of 24Mb had to apply for and buy AOL line rental services. AOL went a step further by providing customers with unlimited downloads regardless of the packages that they were under. The unlimited downloads were a huge improvement from the limited 10GB that customers found a bit restrictive in the past.

AOL Broadband Contact Customer Service

AOL Broadband customer service is available to any customer who is unhappy with the quality of products and services received from the company. If you are unhappy, let the customer service agent know by calling 0808 234 9279, which is a freephone service. By calling the number, you receive real-time answers and assistance to your problems from a customer care representative.

If you prefer sending emails, go to for a chance to fill and submit the online form. You can also obtain assistance from the customer service team through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, consider sending a letter by regular mail to let the company know your displeasure with any of its products and services.

AOL Broadband Contact Tips

Before calling any of the AOL Broadband Contact numbers of customer service team at AOL Broadband, check the opening times. For example, it would be a mistake to call the customer service before 8 am or past midnight any day of the week. This is because the customer service team only receives and responds to calls made between 8 am and midnight every day.

Sky Broadband Contact Help

Sky Broadband offers one of the purest unlimited broadband packages in the United Kingdom. The company is renowned for providing affordable broadband packages as well. The monthly price that you pay, which includes line rental, is one of the most affordable. The company provides security software and unlimited public Wi-Fi with its broadband packages.

The company’s broadband package contains several extras that provide great value for money. It is one of the fastest standard broadband services in the United Kingdom, even though the speeds are low compared to the fibre connections. The unlimited usage that this package gives you means that you are free to download or upload as much as you fancy.

Sky Broadband contact help Services

Sky Broadband Contact Help

Although Sky Broadband is a standard broadband service, its popularity in the United Kingdom has shot up considerably over the years. The steady and reliable speed ensures that customers can download and upload stuff from the Internet as much as they want. The broadband service gives customers a truly unlimited experience. The broadband package delivers what it promises.

In the past, the unlimited broadband package came with a mandatory inclusive call plan. Today, each call that you make will cost 9p per minute. In addition to the basics, other extras that you get with this broadband package include free public Wi-Fi and the extremely useful parental control software known as Broadband Shield, which you need to limit your children.

Contacting Sky Broadband Customer Service

As a subscriber to Sky Broadband, you are entitled to contact the customer service team on any issue or problem that you have with the service. Sky broadband contact help team is available to handle all your questions on Sky Wi-Fi or Sky Email. To receive assistance, you should simply dial 03442 411 653 from any of your devices.

Where you want to cancel your broadband subscription, do not delay getting in touch with the company on 03332 022 135. A customer service expert will receive your call and provide the steps that you need to take to complete the cancellation. Call customer service for assistance in case you want to downgrade from your current broadband package to a much cheaper option.

Sky Broadband Contact Tips

If you are a Sky Talk customer, the calls that you make to Sky Broadband customer service numbers will be free. However, customers who are not Sky Talk subscribers have to pay the same rate to what the service providers charge them for calling the geographical numbers that begin with 01 or 02. Feel free to use your call packages.

Sky Internet Helpline

Sky or Sky UK Limited is a telecoms company that operates and serves customers in the United Kingdom. It provides wide-ranging telecom services such as broadband, television and fixed telephone landlines. It caters to the needs of individual consumers as well as businesses and government agencies or departments in the United Kingdom.

It is the subsidiary of SKY plc, which was founded by Rupert Murdoch on November 2, 1990, due to the merger between British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. The telecom giant has now emerged one of the leading pay-TV broadcasters in the United Kingdom because of the more than 11 million subscribers that it serves.

Sky Internet Customer Services

Sky Helpline

Sky is renowned for offering exemplary services to customers in the United Kingdom that involve every single aspect of telecommunications. Some of the services that have made the company a household name in the United Kingdom include digital terrestrial television as well as video on demand, gaming consoles, and broadband Internet connectivity.

The company has a range of products that it offers to customers in Great Britain. The products include 3D television channels, Sky Q and UHD, HD or High Definition television channels, personal video recorder and Digibox. The products and services that the telecom giant provides in Britain have thus far proved popular with the millions of customers.

Contacting Sky Internet Customer Service

If you have a complaint, concern, suggestion or inquiry to make towards any of the services that Sky provides, then contact the experts through customer service and ask for assistance. Before contacting the experts, have a clear understanding of the problem for which you require assistance. You may contact customer service through phone calls or online.

If your issue is with regard to television services, the number to dial is 03442 411 653. Feel free to call the same number to report problems with the broadband services. If you have encountered problems with Sky Talk services, do not hesitate to dial and call 03442 411 653 to speak to a company representative about your issues and receive solutions fast.

Regardless of the nature of your complaints, as long as they have to do with any of the products and services the company provides, call 03442 411 653 to receive assistance.

Sky interbContact Tips

Customers who have Sky Talk phones or numbers can contact Sky customer service or contact centres freely without paying any fee. On the other hand, customers who do not have Sky Talk phones or numbers will have to pay a fee that is similar to what 01 and 02 numbers attract when calling any telephone number that begins with 03.

TalkTalk Helpline

TalkTalk is a UK company that specializes in providing specialized services such as mobile network, Internet connectivity, telecommunications and pay TV. When it was formed in 2003, the company only focused on providing landline telephone services to customers in the United Kingdom before diversifying to introduce new products and services.

For quite some time now, the company has been only one of two brands that provide customers with quadruple play services in the United Kingdom together with Virgin Media. This means that it focuses on providing four main types of services that include mobile, fixed line, broadband and pay television.

TalkTalk Customer Services

TalkTalk Helpline

Some of the services for which the brand is renowned in the United Kingdom include broadband as well as fixed line or landline telephone. The brand extends these services to private households all over the United Kingdom. Customers have the option of paying for these services separately or in packages depending on their needs and what they can afford.

The brand has partnered with seven other companies to create a new television venture called YouView. It provides IPTV services that allow customers to access various TV programs. It also enables customers to find access to YouView. The company launched TalkTalk Mobile in 2010, which is an operator of the mobile virtual network on the network provided by Vodafone UK.

Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

The sales hotline number that you should call to show your interest in buying a particular product or paying for a specific service from the company is 0800 049 1402. Use this number to ask questions regarding products and services such as SimplyBroadband, Superfast Fiber Broadband as well as Plus TV, Broadband, SIM and Anytime Calls.

TalkTalk Contact Tips

When contacting TalkTalk, it is important to do it between 8 am and 10 pm on any day but only from Monday to Thursday. If you find a pressing issue that needs the attention of a company representative on Friday, then make the telephone call between 8 am and 9 pm. If the pressing issue comes up on Saturday or Sunday, get in touch with the company from 9 am to 8 pm.

You can also contact the company by dialling 0870 444 1820 and asking any question that requires proper solutions fast. Before making the calls, it is important to be ready with details such as either the 6th or 3rd character of the password that the representatives at the customer service desk ask for from you and the last 4 numbers of bank account number used for payments.

Virgin Media Internet Helpline

Virgin Media Internet now allows customers in the United Kingdom to enjoy superfast broadband. The speeds that customers enjoy from using the broadband services that the brand has ranged from 50Mb to 100Mb and 200Mb. With the most basic connection, it is now possible for customers in a large household to enjoy streaming, downloading and gaming.

The company is one of the offshoots of Virgin Media, which emerged from Virgin Group. The broadband services that customers receive from the brand enable them to zip about depending on their needs at any given moment. The company is able to provide excellent speeds mainly because of the next generation of optical fiber that it already has.

Virgin Media Internet Customer Services

Virgin Media Internet Helpline

Broadband is the service that the brand specializes in providing to customers in the United Kingdom. The fact that the services go for as little as £5.99 per month is one of the reasons that have made them popular with customers in the country. The superfast speeds have also made the broadband services that the brand provides popular all over the country.

At the monthly rate of £5.99, a customer is entitled to enjoy the same speed and quality of services for the next 12 months. Afterward, customers should begin paying a monthly rate of £19 for the 18-month contract. In addition to these, customers can buy the company router and use it to connect seamlessly to the network to enjoy VIVID, SuperFiber 50 or Fiber packages.

Contacting Virgin Media Internet Customer Service

If you want to contact customer service and report a fault with the broadband service, the number to dial is 0345 454 1111 from any phone. On the other hand, you can dial 150 from any Virgin Media telephone or mobile phone and report the faulty service. You can use the same numbers to contact the company on slow broadband speeds and Wi-Fi connecting devices among others.

Virgin Media Internet Contact Tips

Contacting the company via telephone numbers using a Virgin Media number will attract specific call charges. However, if you call the company from other telephone numbers or mobile phones, be ready to pay the relevant access fees. Calling the company from abroad will attract roaming charges as well as international long distance fees where applicable.

For all chargeable calls made to Virgin Media Internet, customers have to be aware of a connection fee of around 17.5p that they need to pay. It is worth mentioning that the connection cost does not apply on some of the calls. For this reason, it is important that you ask the service provider about the connection fee first prior to proceeding with the call.

Sky Customer Helpline

Sky Internet refers to an Internet service provider that is under the ownership of Sky plc. The parent company founded the Internet service provider in 2006. The provider serves the needs of customers in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the provider operates from the company headquarters that are located in London, United Kingdom.

Currently, the Internet service provider serves more than 4 million customers in the UK. The provider entered the market following the acquisition of Easynet by BSkyB in 2005 for more than £211 million. The provider is projected to experience more growth once the transfer of customers from broadband and telephone line businesses that Telefonica ran is complete.

Sky Customer Services

Sky Internet Helpline

The brand has several packages that customers can choose depending on their needs as well as budget. Some of the most popular packages include Broadband Unlimited, Fiber and Fiber Unlimited. Broadband Unlimited is free for the first 12 months. Afterward, customers will be expected to pay a monthly rate of £10 including a Line Rental that goes for £17.40 per month.

The Fiber package costs customers a monthly fee of £5 for the first 12 months. At the expiry of the first 12 months, customers have to pay a monthly rate of £10 plus a Line Rental that goes for £17.40 per month. The costliest package from the provider is Fiber Unlimited that goes for a monthly rate of £10 and requires customers to also pay £20 per month for Line Rental.

Any broadband package that customers choose comes with several other features. For example, it is common for customers to benefit from Broadband Shield in addition to Sky Hub. Similarly, it is common for customers to receive other amazing features that include Sky Wi-Fi as well as Sky Yahoo Email.

Contacting Sky Customer Service

If there is an issue you feel requires the intervention of customer service, then let one of the company experts know about it by calling 03442 411 653, especially regarding problems with Sky Internet. You can call the same number for solutions regarding problems with Sky Wi-Fi as well as Sky Email. If you want to upgrade or join one of the packages, dial 08442 411 653.

Sky Contact Tips

If you are a Sky Talk customer, then all calls that you make to Sky contact centres are free. On the other hand, if you are not a customer, then calls to any 08 number will attract a cost of 7p per minute in addition to the access charges that your service provider levies. You will pay the same rate for calling the 03 numbers as you do when dialling numbers beginning with 01 or 02.

AOL Helpline

AOL has undergone plenty of rebranding and transformation from the days when it was known as America Online. Since it was founded in 1983 as Control Video Corporation, the company has also been known as Quantum Computer Services, America Online and AOL Inc in 1985, 1991 and 2009 respectively. The company headquarters are located in New York City, US.

The company provides mass media services all over the world. In the beginning, it was known purely for providing dial-up services to millions of customers in the United States. The multinational company states that the main goal or objective of its business is to make the Internet much better through creation and publishing of excellent content.

AOL Customer Services

AOL Helpline

The services that this multinational company provides serve more than 250 million people around the world. The main product and service for which the multinational company is renowned are content creation. To come up with excellent content, the brand works with and hires some top-notch content creators from different industries around the world.

Advertising has also emerged one of the services for which the multinational has become a household name around the world. It allows advertisers to benefit from premium content that guarantees ready access to customers. The brand also has a venture capital division known as AOL Ventures that allows it to invest in tech startups from as early as possible.

Contacting AOL Customer Service

If you need help from customer service regarding any of the products and services for which the brand is renowned, then it is better to call the relevant telephone number. For example, the number to call when in need of technical support is 1-800-827-6364, but only if you are a paid customer. For account support, you should speak with the company by calling the same number.

In fact, dialling 1-800-827-6364 allows you to receive help for multiple issues. You could ask for assistance with signing up. Alternatively, you can also call the number to get help with resetting your password. If you are a Spanish-speaking customer, then call 1-866-885-5117. The TTY number to call for customers with speech and hearing impairments is 1-800-759-3323.

AOL Contact Tips

In fact, only the telephone number for technical support is available 24/7. As for the other numbers, check with the company regarding the opening hours. Nonetheless, expect to find the help you need by calling the numbers between 8 am and 1 am ET from Monday to Friday or 8am-10pm ET on Saturday and Sunday.

British Telecom Helpline

British Telecom is a multinational provider of telecom services that it provides from the head offices located in London, United Kingdom. The telecom provider operates in around 170 countries and territories around the world. It is the oldest communications firm in the world with origins that are traceable to the founding of The Electric Telegraph Company in 1846.

A study of the history of this multinational company will often indicate a history of the telecom industry not only in the United Kingdom but also around the world. The telecom giant has come up with specific products and services for customers in the UK as well as the international customers found in the other locations where it has operations.

British Telecom Customer Services

British Telecom Helpline

Some of the products and services for which BT is renowned include BT Sport as well as phone, broadband, and television. It is common for customers in the UK and other countries around the world to contact the company asking for information regarding business broadband. The business phone services that the telecom giant provides are popular in the UK and beyond.

All the services that the company provides can be divided into broad categories that include personal, business and large business as well as public sector. Customers get in touch with the telecom service provider regarding the mobile plans as well as phone deals that it sells online as well as at several brick and mortar stores around the UK and other nations in the world.

Contacting British Telecom Customer Service

For all the general inquiries, you should call the company on 020 7356 5000 although this will take you through the switchboard first. If you have a BT landline, do not hesitate to get in touch with the company by dialling 150. If you have a non-BT line or mobile phone, press 0800 800 150 for a chance to find assistance from the customer service, especially for home problems.

For business problems, the company would handle the issue if you call it on 152 or 0800 800 152 from a BT landline and a non-BT landline or mobile phone respectively. Customer service has no trouble responding to the issues that you raise through a letter. Moreover, the company responds to all letters within 10 days of receiving them.

British Telecom Contact Tips

Textphone users have no reason for despairing about getting in touch with British Telecom. This group of users can find much assistance by prefixing the company number that they want to call with 18001. For instance, to call the company regarding general inquiries, the textphone users should dial 18001 020 7356 5000.

TalkTalk Phone

TalkTalk is a telecom company in the United Kingdom that began operating in 2003. Since then, it has developed into one of the major players in the telecom industry in the UK. The telecom company has specialised in the provision of various telecom services that include pay TV, internet connectivity and mobile network in all parts of the UK.

Furthermore, the company owns and operates several subsidiaries such as Blinkbox, TalkTalk Business and TalkTalk Technology. The services for which the company is renowned are for customers in the United Kingdom only. The company has invested financial and substantially on running an exchange infrastructure known as LLU or local-loop-unbundling.

TalkTalk Services

TalkTalk Phone Number

Private households benefit from the broadband as well as landline telephone services that the telecom company provides in the United Kingdom. Customers are able to pay for their preferred services either separately or as packages. What is more, customers have access to a product called Homesafe, which the company launched in 2011 to enhance online security.

The telecom company played a crucial role in the creation of YouView, which is a television venture created by 7 partners. Under the television services, the company is renowned for the provision of IPTV that allows customers to access YouView. The company launched TalkTalk Mobile, which is a mobile phone service capable of operating as a mobile virtual network.

Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

The customer service number for anybody who desires to make general enquiries while outside the United Kingdom is +44 (0) 20 3417 1000. If your reason for calling is to learn more about sales, then you should get in touch with the company by calling 0800 049 1402. If you have a dispute with your account, call the company on 0870 444 1820 from a TalkTalk landline and a customer representative will be pleased to assist you.

If you are contacting the customer service to learn about any of its products using your mobile phone, call 0203 441 5550 for a chance to save some money. Customer service has advisors with the training and skills to handle all questions regarding technical help, moving home, your order and all the various company products.

TalkTalk Contact Tips

Before proceeding to call the TalkTalk customer service, check that you have the account details ready. The customer service advisor will require the account details to know how to respond to your issue. Do not forget that all calls through 0870 numbers attract no call costs and charges from a TalkTalk phone but cost 3p per minute from other mobile phones and landlines.

Virgin Media Internet Phone

Virgin Media Internet is renowned for the superfast broadband services. The company is one of the divisions that operate under Virgin Media plc. The broadband services are for consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. The company provides the Internet services from its headquarters located in Hook, Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

The superfast broadband speeds are due to the amazing fibre optic experience that customers get from the organisation. In fact, the speeds that customers get from the broadband service are up to 12 times faster than what they derive from using regular broadband anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media Internet Services

Virgin Media Internet Phone Number

In cable areas within the United Kingdom, the company provides what it calls fibre optic broadband. When Oxfom, the UK regulator, tested the broadband speeds between 2009 and 2010, Virgin Media’s emerged first. This is remarkable considering that it emerged ahead of service providers such as BSkyB, TalkTalk,     BT, Orange, O2, AOL, Plusnet and Tiscali.

The broadband experience that customers in the United Kingdom can enjoy the company starts at a low rate of £5.99 per month for the first 12 months. Customers are free to choose their preferred packages or broadband bundles. For example, they can choose the Superfast Fiber Broadband with speeds of up to 50Mbps. The VIVID package is also up for purchase.

Contacting Virgin Media Internet Customer Service

If you want to report faulty service with the broadband package that you chose, call customer service on 150 from your Virgin Media landline or mobile phone. On the other hand, if you have a different landline or mobile phone, then get in touch with customer service by dialling 0345 454 1111.

Use the same numbers to let customer service advisor know about slow broadband speed. If your concerns have to do with Wi-Fi connecting devices at home or in the office in any location in the United Kingdom, customer service number that you ought to call is 0345 454 1111. Use the same number when enquiring about your email service and upgrades to your package.

Virgin Media Internet Contact Tips

The calls that you make to all the Virgin Media Internet contact numbers cost money. Whether you call 150 or 0345 454 1111 to speak with customer service, be ready to pay for the call. If you want to call from other mobile phones and landlines, the costs will vary depending on the network as well as the service provider you’re using. Call between 8am-midnight every day of the week.