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About Hermes

In the United Kingdom, this company is referred to as the delivery specialist which handles more than two hundred million parcels on yearly basis. The reason for its success is that it has flexible and cost effective delivery options for varying target market customers who have a busy lifestyle. In the United Kingdom alone there are around;
1. Ten thousand lifestyle courier centres
2. More than five thousand ParcelShops
which manage the parcel deliveries of senders in a convenient, safe and hassle free manner. In fact, Hermes ensures that they are delivered the first time. The company also works with;
a) Next Directory
c) Tesco
d) John Lewis
e) Debenhams
f) Arcadia Group
Hermes UK is owned by HLGD which stands for the Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland and happens to be the largest independent home delivery specialist in Germany.

Hermes Customer Service
The users and the customers of the Hermes company can get in touch with the department in more than one ways that are cited below;
1. The customers can make use of the Frequently Asked Questions section provided on the website to find solutions and guidance regarding the common issues and problems
2. They can also write to the company about their queries using the mailing address;
Hermes Parcelnet Ltd., Capitol House, 1 Capitol Close, Morley, LS27 0WH
3. For emailing to the company using the automated link provided on the website the customers can visit
4. Other than this they can also seek instant guidance through the live chat tool of the website
5. They can also communicate with the respective department through the phone number +49 (0)40 64 60 41-0

Hermes Customer Service Tips

Those customers who get in touch with the Hermes Customer Service department must always remember a few things;
a) They should never give out their tracking numbers to the unknown parties
b) In fact, it is the other way around as every authentic Hermes representative is obligated to notify the customers with their tracking number prior to resolving their issues
c) If in doubt about the authenticity of the calls the customers should call at the above mentioned verified numbers for confirmation

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  1. Judit Zam

    I am tried to call the customer number, it’s not working!
    Not email, not chat this stupid sytem!
    What can I do? Sit at home and waiting only??

    1. Edward Dillingham

      IV tried to call no reply just cuts off
      Said that it’s retuned to sender but I waited in all day nobody came

  2. Tracy shuttlewood

    Had a gmail to say parcel was delivered yesterday through the letterbox outside but it was not there so what do I do

  3. Jennifer

    I have tried several numbers to try to speak to someone and they r not working. Yr client online chat is giving waiting times of 20 mins then when it gets to 5 mins goes back to 15 mins then reassigns me to another agent. What is going on. My parcel was delivered to a neighbour 2 days days ago…. where is it???? WHAT NEIGHBOUR. .. NO CARD WAD LEFT!!! I am waiting for another delivery. .. where is tha?t and NO ONE IS AVAILABLE. .. TERRIBLE SERVICE

  4. JW

    Hermes delivered a parcel to me this morning 23/9. He/she didn’t ring the doorbell or knock; I would have heard if they had. He/she conveniently didn’t include their name and telephone number on the slip they pushed through my letterbox. Instead they threw my package over the garden gate onto our patio. I am so annoyed I decided to contact you right away. This is outrageous and totally unacceptable behaviour. The package contains an electrical/breakable item. If, when I open the parcel and find anything broken or damaged will you be prepared to reimburse me the full cost of my purchase?? I would appreciate a response from you.

  5. Michael Lowry

    Answer phones!!!!!!!! Have proper and easy contact – when I tried to phone I was left hanging then cut off, this is totally unacceptable – at least have a message and call back option. My experience has been dreadful – item (expensive musical instrument) damaged, what a horrible experience this has been: never ever again. Couldn’t get hold of anyone to ask for help. Absolutely crap service.

  6. Miranda C Cousins

    Still waiting no reply contact don’t work wat da hell

  7. Pamela Jeen

    I have had endless trouble with this company since before Christmas DO NOT USE THEM. I was told I had put the incorrect address on my parcel – 12 other delivery companies found the address first time with no trouble. I have offered them solutions via the French company I used, the delivery person clearly has tried once and does not want to try again. I have emailed their UK address as offered on their email saying they could not deliver six times not one answer. I have left messages on the mobile I was given to contact ref non delivery not one call back. Their live chat are completely useless have never been able to offer any help – not even the opening hours of the depots. Really dreadful service I shall certainly let as many people know as possible. Should expect no less from a company that changed their name from Parcelnet they were hopeless too.

  8. Adam Wilson

    Number doesn’t work, had my parcel at depo for 4 days now, takes the piss. Horrible service and impossible to contact

  9. Mrs K Renforth

    DO NOT use this company they NEVER ask for a signature . They left a Sorry I missed you I text him to ask when he would be back on the day I rang him on his mobile and he then tells me it was the wrong address.

    1. It was two (2) doors away – why didn’t he leave another message to let me know.
    2. I called him on his mobile which went to voice mail the call cost me £3.30 he didn’t return my call.
    3. I texted him again and that is when he told me it was the wrong address.
    4. I said I wanted the £3.30 reimbursed as I am a pensioner and cannot afford to give money away for nothing. He is a bad as the Hermes company.
    I don’t know why large companies used this useless Hermes. They don’t seem to care.
    I can’t get through to Hermes by using any contact So doesn’t this tell you they have something to hide?

    I suggest when ordering ask who is delivering your package IF they say Hermes then tell them you don’t want it. The large companies just might get the message.

  10. Mr Paul

    They gave me parcel number of 15 digits god knows what other number is HELP!

  11. Mr Paul


  12. Kerry

    Disgusted at this service… sat at home waiting for my parcel and I receive an update email telling me that a note has been put through my door… no parcel, no note!!!! NO TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CALL!!!!!

  13. Jules

    My wife’s parcel came today (an expensive dress) we found it dumped on the ground wet through obviously the dress is now ruined and she’s very upset my shed was open so he could have popped in there or gave it my neighbor who was home at the time he came we tried every contact number on the web for Hermes and got cut off or the number no longer exsits no contact number for the delivery driver was left either. My advice is DO NOT use this company if you value your customers or the reputation of your company they do not care.

  14. Akasha Raven

    I have been waiting in ALL DAY for an urgent next day delivery, and trying to get through to Hermes via phone and Chat for such a long time that I finally gave up. I have instead left a scathing review on your Facebook page, to add to all your other bad reviews. Every experience I have had with your company has been dreadful, and it’s about time you got your act together. Here’s a copy of the review . . . “Utterly useless!!! Worst courier service (if you can describe it as such) on the planet. Waited in all day for Amazon Prime delivery. No human being on phone lines and referred back to website or retailer. Waiting time on Live Chat constantly rising. I wish Amazon (and everyone else) would stop using this bunch of bloody jokers. To cap it all, I now find that I cannot post a review without adding a star rating . . . try MINUS FIVE!”

  15. Sharon Owen

    Sickened by this cowboy outfit! Cannot contact them! Paper left through door informing me parcel left on step. No parcel surprise!!! Piss takers! !!

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