Admiral Car Insurance

Finding the best car insurance is not an easy task. In the United Kingdom, Admiral Car Insurance has come up with different products to provide drivers with the guarantees that they need when driving. The company has been providing these products for several years now in different parts of the country successfully.

Drivers in the United Kingdom now have no problem including the company on their list of favourite car insurance providers. Moreover, the company’s representatives assist customers who have no idea about the best car insurance policy to purchase. Not only does Admiral boast of a good reputation, but also has one of the best financial standings in the region.

Admiral Car Insurance Customer Services

admiral car insurance number

Admiral Car Insurance offers different types of services to customers in the United Kingdom. One of its most popular products is single car insurance, which is priced from £169. Customers also have the option of purchasing the multi-car insurance by paying fees that start from £280. The company also came up with the Learner Driver Car Insurance.

Under Learner Car Driver Insurance, customers get instant cover while learning to drive. The learner is free to learn with the car of a friend or family. In case the learner has to make a claim, this will not affect the friend or family whose car he used to learn driving. Moreover, the policy gives customers the freedom to choose 1, 2 and 3 months.

Contacting Admiral Car Insurance Number

If you have an issue regarding Learner Car Driver Insurance that needs the attention of a customer service agent, do not hesitate to call. A phone call is just but one of the ways for you to get in touch with customer service and ask for assistance. To get assistance, you should call 0330 134 8647, which the company has dedicated purely for this insurance cover.

Feel free to call the same number to obtain assistance or more information regarding the fee to pay in case you feel like cancelling the policy. Call the customer service number to learn about the expiry date of your policy. If you need the customer service agent to inform you whether the insurance covers the car while driving abroad, call this customer service number.

Admiral Car Insurance Number Contact Tips

The customer service number for Learner Car Driver Insurance operates from 8 am to 9 am between Monday and Friday. You are free to call the Admiral Car Insurance over the weekends to ask for help on this particular cover. To get help during the weekends, you should call from 9am-5pm and 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

RBS Phone Insurance

RBS Phone Insurance is one of the products that Royal Bank of Scotland provides to customers in the United Kingdom. Phones have a knack for getting lost or stolen all the time, especially when you least expect. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or struggling with frustrations and panic, the best option would be to take up the phone insurance cover with RBS.

The bank, which is also the insurer in this case, has created an avenue through which customers can report lost or stolen phones quickly. After reporting, you only have to wait a bit for a replacement phone. The bank requires customers to report their stolen or lost phones within 60 days of the theft, misplacement or malfunctioning happening.

RBS Phone Insurance Services

RBS Phone Insurance

The RBS Phone Insurance policy targets specific types of phones. For example, for your phone to be eligible, it must be capable of making and receiving calls immediately upon connection with a mobile network. The screen size of the phone must not be more than 7 inches when measured diagonally. The phone must be a handheld gadget and not qualify as a satellite phone.

Most importantly, you must be an account holder with RBS. The accounts that would qualify you for the phone insurance cover include Select Silver / Reward Silver, Black / Reward Black Account and Select Platinum / Reward Platinum. Select Silver and Select Platinum cover the phone of the account holder. Black covers the phone that is in your hands or with a family.

Contacting RBS Phone Insurance Customer Service

If you own a Select Silver or Reward Silver account, you should contact customer service office by phone to learn more about the RBS Phone Insurance. Customer service is also available to customers with Select Platinum or Reward Platinum account holders. Similarly, the bank has created a different customer service number for Black or Reward Platinum account holders.

To ask the customer service questions regarding your eligibility as a Select Silver or Reward Silver account holder, call the office on 0345 607 5154. The customer service number that Select Platinum or Reward Platinum account holders should call is 0345 609 0456. However, you should call 0345 266 8801 for assistance if you are a Black or Reward Black account holder.

RBS Phone Insurance Contact Tips

The customer service numbers for RBS Phone Insurance remain open between 8am-8pm from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturdays and 10am-5pm on Sundays. During the bank holidays, you should call customer service office between 10am-6pm when it is open. The lines do not operate on Christmas Day.

RBS Travel Insurance

RBS Travel Insurance is an additional feature that the Royal Bank of Scotland offers on some of its products or packages. The bank does not require you to register to qualify for the travel insurance. By virtue of being an account holder, you automatically qualify for the travel insurance, which covers you during all your travels within and outside the United Kingdom.

The bank has gone a step further by opening the eligibility to customers who are 70 years old and above but diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions. The bank requires such customers to pay an additional premium. Alternatively, customers who do not wish to pay an additional premium do not enjoy the cover during their travels.

RBS Travel Insurance Services

RBS Travel Insurance

The company is for customers with specific accounts at Royal Bank of Scotland. First, the customers should be Select Silver / Reward Silver account holders. Secondly, Select Platinum or Reward Platinum account holders qualify for the cover. Third, Black or Reward Black account holders are eligible for the insurance cover during their travels around the world.

The Travel Insurance also covers the account holder’s dependent children. For the children to qualify, they must be below the age of 18 years. Your child qualifies if he is a full-time student but under the age of 23 years. Your child qualifies if he lives in your home and has not moved out yet. Your child qualifies if he is neither married nor in a civil partnership.

Contacting RBS Travel Customer Service

Customer service office is available to handle any issue, complaint or misunderstanding that you might have with RBS Travel Insurance. The bank has created different customer service numbers to help specific account holders. For example, Select Silver or Reward Silver account holders can contact customer service department by calling 0345 607 5154 from their phones.

For Select Platinum or Reward Platinum account holders, the customer service number to call and inquire about travel insurance is 0345 609 0456. On the other hand, Black or Reward Black account holders can communicate with the customer service office by calling 0345 266 8801. The minicom service is available on 0370 600 0856 for customers with hearing/speech problems.

RBS Travel Insurance Contact Tips

The customer service numbers to call for assistance regarding their operate from 8 am to 8 pm between Mondays to Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. During the bank holidays, the lines operate between 10 am and 6 pm. The lines remain closed on Christmas Day. The international lines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance is one of the largest and best-known banks in the United Kingdom. The bank provides wide-ranging services that now include car insurance, which is different from car finance. The car insurance is a product that the bank created with the sole aim of helping people who needed to get back driving after their previous cars let them down.

It is common to encounter situations that make you wish you had the best car insurance policy to provide adequate protection in case of accidents, thefts, and other risk factors. Lloyds Bank has a history of honouring their promises through the car insurance policies that they have created for the benefit of their customers in the UK. The car insurance is a response to customers’ cries.

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance Services

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance

One of the major attractions of Lloyds Bank car insurance is a 3-year guarantee that customers get on all approved claims repairs. In addition to this, customers are entitled to the 24-hour helpline service where emergency windscreens are concerned. Customers who drive safely without causing accidents are eligible for a reward of no-claims discount.

Customers can apply for and receive a competitive quote from the company in a matter of a few minutes. BISL Limited arranges and administers the car insurance services that the bank provides. A group of some of the leading insurers in the United Kingdom underwrites the Lloyds Bank’s car insurance. In the first year, the standard cover comes with a discount of 10%.

Contacting Lloyds Bank Car Insurance Customer Service

The main customer service line to use in getting asking for assistance from Lloyds Bank Car Insurance is 0345 300 0000. However, you can also contact the bank about its car insurance product by calling 01733 347 007. Nonetheless, in case you have a complaint that the bank should know about, call 0800 072 3572 and submit it to a customer service advisor.

You may also visit any of the bank’s branches located around the United Kingdom in person to talk with the customer service office in person. The bank has an official website where you can fill a secure online form and submit it. For a chance to fill the complaints form, you should visit immediately.

Lloyds Bank Car Insurance Contact Tips

You can contact customer service at Lloyds Bank car insurance any hour of the day or night. This is because the phone numbers operate 24 hours each day, 7 days every week. Before proceeding with any call, you should kindly confirm the call charges with your local landline or mobile network provider.

NatWest Phone Insurance

NatWest Phone Insurance is a product that the bank designed for the United Kingdom customer. Under this product, customers within the country are able to ensure their phones against theft, loss, accidental damage and malfunctioning. This is crucial considering the emergence of the costly Smartphone and other similar devices. Insuring them is the best recourse for most users.

The mobile phone insurance is an additional benefit that any NatWest customer with Reward Back, Reward Platinum or Reward Silver current account can apply for and get. Losing a mobile phone can be financially stressful, especially when the loss, theft or malfunctioning occurs when you do not have any money.

NatWest Phone Insurance Services

NatWest Phone Insurance

NatWest Phone Insurance only covers devices whose screen sizes are less than 7 inches. If you hand over your phone to another person to use, it will not be eligible for this cover. The bank replaces your lost or stolen phone with refurbished models, which come with warranties lasting 12 months, thus providing adequate cover in case of problems with the new device.

With this cover, you never have to worry about raising money to finance a new purchase in case your phone is lost or stolen. Despite the automatic cover that you get by virtue of owning a Reward Back, Reward Platinum or Reward Silver current accounts, you still have to register your phone to facilitate quicker claims process.

Contacting NatWest Phone Insurance Customer Service

Since you must have a current account with the bank to qualify for the NatWest Phone Insurance, this means that you should call the relevant customer service number for assistance. This product is for customers who use the bank’s personal banking services. Therefore, if your account is in England or Wales, the customer service number to call is 03457 888 444.

For customers with personal current accounts in Scotland, the number to call and obtain help with any problem regarding Phone Insurance is 03459 000 200. If you are outside the UK and need to contact the bank, you can do that by calling +44 3457 888 444 or +44 1183 732 069 depending on whether your account is in England and Wales or Scotland respectively.

NatWest Phone Insurance Contact Tips

NatWest Phone Insurance customer service numbers operate 24 hours each day, 7 days every week for 365 days in a year. The fact that a public or bank holiday is on in the United Kingdom should not block you from calling the bank for help. What you pay for calling the 03 numbers is similar to what it costs to call the geographical numbers that start with 01 or 02.

Swift Cover Insurance Helpline

Senior executives from various insurance companies founded Swift Cover Insurance in 2005. It is worth noting that this insurance company is different from the rest by virtue of providing all the insurance services online. More importantly, what this means is that customers can only pay for and buy the insurance covers that they need online.

The company has developed an innovative customer area that it calls Swift Space where clients can do all that they need to acquire the right insurance product. The company has become one of the most trusted and reliable insurance companies that provide online services in the United Kingdom.

Swift Cover Customer Services

Swift Cover Insurance Helpline

The company is different from the rest as it allows customers to custom-make their insurance policies. Although it specializes in car insurance, customers are also able to buy other types of insurance covers from the company. The other insurance products that the company sells include van insurance and home insurance as mentioned earlier.

The Breakdown Cover is one of the insurance company’s latest products as well. This cover offers the protection that a customer needs in case of problems with his car. Customers can buy the Breakdown Cover online without much hassling. The cover is for everybody regardless of whether you already have a car insurance policy with the company or not.

Contacting Swift Cover Customer Service

When a customer needs to get in touch with Swift Cover and file car claims, the telephone number to use is 0371 984 3333 but only from anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you want to make such claims from abroad, the number to call is 0044 1892 500169. If your claims are in relation to a car windscreen, you should call 0330 024 6399.

If your call is in relation to home claims and specifically contents as well as personal possessions in addition to buildings, the customer service number to call is 0330 024 8092. If you are interested in family legal protection as well as the legal helpline, the number to use would be 0330 024 8076. The helpline for identity theft remains 0330 024 8077.

Swift Cover Contact Tips

Before calling the customer service at Swift Cover about any insurance coverage that you have taken with them, it would be good to check the costs of the calls first. For the most part, calling the 03 numbers should cost you just as much as what you pay for the 01 and 02 numbers from anywhere in the United Kingdom, but there is no harm in checking with your service provider.

Swift Cover Insurance Phone

Swift Cover Insurance has been providing insurance products and services to customers in the United Kingdom since 2005. The company is the brainchild of several senior executives from the insurance industry in the country who came together and decided to form it. The company has achieved great things over the years.

It was the first insurance company in the United Kingdom to allow customers the convenience to print their own car insurance certificates. It is much different from the competition in that it only sells insurance policies and provides customer service through the Internet. The competition sells and provides customer service through the Internet as well as over the phone.

Swift Cover Insurance Services

Swift Cover Insurance Phone Number

The company operates a claims line that is based in the United Kingdom and is open 24 hours each day. In fact, customers, why buy the car insurance policy from the company, are entitled to lifetime guarantee on all the repairs that their vehicles require. The home insurance policy covers the contents of the building, the actual building and all forms of home assistance.

Customers are entitled to a 10 percent discount when they buy private medical insurance cover online from the company. The breakdown cover is for customers who need cover in areas such as the roadside as well as rescue. The breakdown cover is for customers who need a home as well as European cover.

Contacting Swift Cover Insurance Customer Service

You can contact Swift Cover Insurance about products such as home claims over the phone. The phone number that you need to call and obtain help with the home claims is 0330 024 8092, which is specifically for all questions regarding contents as well as personal belongings and buildings claims.

If you are to contact the company about car insurance claims while in the United Kingdom, call the customer service number to call is 0371 984 3333. On the other hand, if you are outside the United Kingdom but want to contact the company about car insurance claims, the customer service number worth calling is +44 1892 500 169.

Swift Cover Insurance Contact Tips

The customer service number for home claims are open 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, the car claims line to call when outside the United Kingdom is open only between 8 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday as well as 9 am to 12 pm on Saturday. On Sunday as well as during the bank holidays, the car claims line to call from abroad remains closed.

Admiral Helpline

Admiral is an insurance company that has been in operation since 1993 when Henry Engelhardt founded it. It specializes in selling car insurance policies. The head offices are located in Admiral House, Cardiff in Wales. The company has opened offices in other regions that include Swansea, Newport, Halifax and India.

The insurance company operates in the United Kingdom. Although it specializes in car insurance, the insurance company is also renowned for various other packages that include van insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and home insurance. It is a subsidiary of the Admiral Group with other companies such as Bell Insurance, Diamond Insurance and

Admiral Customer Services

Admiral Helpline

The company is a specialist in car insurance. One of the most popular products that it has created is Multi Car Insurance, which allows two or more car owners to insure their cars on the same insurance policy. Under the Multi Car Insurance cover, the car owners are entitled to discounts on the overall quote or price.

The insurance company created a different product called Black Box Insurance. Under this new product, safe drivers end up receiving discounts depending on their driving styles. Consequently, the safe drivers end up paying less for the insurance covers that they purchase. With the company, customers are sure of getting all their insurance needs to be met under one roof.

Contacting Admiral Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with customer service at Admiral and obtain assistance for the issue that you have with the company’s insurance products. If you want to change your policy where single car insurance is concerned, inform the customer service about this by calling it on 0333 220 2000.

Anybody who has an enquiry to make where multi-car insurance is concerned should also dial 0333 220 2000 for an opportunity to share the problem with customer service. For problems with van insurance, the telephone number to call and get in touch with customer service remains 0333 220 2096. For all general complaints, you should call the company on 0330 333 5887.

Admiral Contact Tips

The calls that you make to any of the 03 telephone numbers of Admiral cost the same with what you would pay when calling the 01 and 02 numbers from any landline or mobile phone in the United Kingdom. Before calling, check the opening hours of the telephone numbers to ascertain that a company representative will be in office to receive the call and respond to your problem. If not one can always use the other available alternatives to get some help from the customer care representatives like email.

Admiral Customer Service

Launched in 1993, Admiral is a car insurance company that aims at offering low insurance premiums to its customers while at the same time ensuring that these same customers benefit a lot from their services. This company is well known for its car insurance and many tend to forget that it also offers a number of insurance on a variety of products (For more on this, contact their customer care services by dialling the Admiral Contact Number provided below).Over the years, Admiral has received thanks, lots of success and as a result, the company opted to expand its operations to other countries including the UK.

Admiral offers two products to its customers, these products are, one, multi-car insurance and two, single car insurance. Admiral offers great savings to its customers with both their insurance products thus making them very popular among those that are searching for such service. If you happen to have two cars in your home, picking multi-car insurance by Admiral means that you won’t have to take up two insurances at ones. With Admiral, you have the option of starting with just one car and later on add the other car when it’s time to renew your insurance. The more cars you ensure the more you save. It’s not just multi car insurance, Admiral also has very good single car insurance. Admiral specializes in providing its customers with good quality, low-cost premium car insurance for those who have been paying high premiums. For more on the insurance products offered by Admiral, you can contact them by dialling the Admiral Contact number provided below.

In the UK there is an increase in the number of people who are searching for car insurances that won’t leave their pockets empty and as such Admiral opted to set base in the UK. In particular, Admiral targets young UK drivers, city dwellers as well as those who are driving performance cars and have for years now being paying high premiums for their car insurance. If these sound like you, ensure that you speak to Admiral and get to talk to them about how you can be able to bring lower your car insurance cost.

Having a good knowledge of what Admiral offers as well as the products that they offer will ensure that you get only the best from them and therefore I would recommend that you find a time and do a proper research into this company and get to well understand what they are exactly offering. You can do this by simply clicking here. In case you would want a more direct approach you could reach out to them through the Admiral Contact number provided below and ask about the company as well as the products that they are offering for the UK people. For more on Admiral, including the insurance packages, they have as well as costing do visit their website by clicking here.

Admiral Contact Phone

Admiral is an insurance company based in the United Kingdom that began operating in 1993. The company specializes in selling car insurance. The company has put up head offices in Ty Admiral, which is also known as Admiral House, located in Cardiff, Wales. It has offices in other countries that include India and Canada.

The company is a member of the Admiral Group. The company is renowned for various products that include Multi Car Insurance as well as the Black Box Insurance to name but a few. The company has diversified into other types of insurance products. The other products include van insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and home insurance.

Admiral Customer Services

Admiral Phone Number

The company launched Black Box Insurance in 2013. The Black Box Insurance is for young drivers and goes for around £650. The company endeavours to provide customers with affordable insurance. The LittleBox policy makes drivers eligible for great discounts if they choose to purchase Multi Car or Single Car insurance covers.

A driver who has an impeccable record where safety is concerned saves money with each subsequent car insurance renewal. Upfront discounts are the biggest benefits and attractions of the LittleBox policy. Under the LittleBox policy, customers will benefit from free breakdown covers as well as theft tracking services.

Contacting Admiral Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with customer service and ask questions regarding the Single Car insurance policy that you just bought or intend to buy. The customer service number to call when you want to change your Single Car Insurance policy is 0333 220 2000. To contact the customer service from abroad regarding Single Car Insurance, call the company on +44 2920 601 294.

Customers who want to obtain a Single Car Insurance policy will receive help from Admiral by calling the office on 0800 600 800. On the other hand, customers who need to renew their Single Car Insurance policies should get in touch with the company by calling 0333 222 6715. It is advisable to call the company in case of changes to your personal or residence information.

Admiral Contact Tips

All calls that you make to the customer service numbers beginning with 03 cost the same as calls to numbers that start with 01 and 02. You will pay the same rate when calling these numbers from mobile phones or landlines. The best time to call and obtain help is between 11 am and 3 pm. The contact number operates every day of the week, except during some holidays that banks do not operate.