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Barclaycard offers many benefits to users around the world. Barclays Bank created the card, which is now internationally accepted as a tool through which to make payments. The card gives customers the ability to access credit instantly regardless of location. The card makes it easy for users to make repayments at their own pace and through flexible plans.

Lately, one of the biggest concerns has revolved around walking with cash from one location to the next to make payments. Fortunately, the card that Barclays created eliminates the reliance on cash as a way of making payments or carrying out financial transactions. It also eliminates the likelihood of losing money to criminal gangs when travelling to make payments.

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Barclaycard Contact

Barclaycard is not only convenient but also flexible. The service makes it easier for users to organize themselves financially through budgeting. Through this service, travelling abroad for leisure or business has become less stressful by eradicating the need for walking around with money stashed in your briefcase, thus making it harder for you to relax while on vacation.

Through this service, you can access foreign currency easily. Wherever you notice the Visa sign in your travels, feel free to use this card to make transactions or pay for products and services. The card allows you to buy now and pay later. Through this card, you will never struggle to keep track of your expenses or spending habits.

Barclaycard Contact Customer Service

Most users prefer travelling around the world with Barclaycard kept safely in their wallets. This also means that you are likely to lose the card to theft or a bit of carelessness. In case this happens, do not hesitate to let the customer service office know your predicament through phone calls.

The Barclaycard Contact Barclaycard Contactcustomer service number to call for personal assistance is 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090. The number to call between these two depends on whether you choose to use a mobile phone or a fixed landline anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you are outside the United Kingdom and want to get in touch with customer service, the number to dial is +44 (0) 1604 230 230.

Barclaycard Contact Tips

Barclaycard operates a 24-hour customer service. Therefore, feel free to call any time of the day or night. It operates the customer service numbers 7 days each week. Therefore, let a customer service agent help you out in situations involving lost or stolen cards. Use your free plan minutes when calling the numbers that begin with 03 while in the United Kingdom.

Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard is one of the products that customers get the Retail and Business Banking services that Barclays Bank provides. It is a payment system that customers can use anywhere in the world to pay for goods and services. In the United Kingdom, it was the first to enter the credit card market in 1966. Since then, the card has become a global powerhouse.

Users can use this credit card in the United Kingdom or abroad during their travels. Before using the card while travelling around the world, you should call customer service and inform them your plans. Failure to inform the company about your plans could make it flag your card for potential fraud, thus making it difficult for you to pay for goods and services seamlessly.

Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard Customer Service

Through Barclaycard, you can pay for goods and services wherever you see the Visa sign in any country around the world. One of the most popular products that the company has created is contactless payment. The other innovative product the company has developed is Barclaycard PayTag. These two products allow users to make payments by tapping their cards or phones.

The company has also developed e-procurement solutions in addition to virtual accounts and purchasing cards to enable businesses to reduce the time and money spent on administrative duties. Through these products, businesses now have innovative ways of streamlining office activities. The pioneering payment solution enables customers to pay online, via the phone or in person.

Contacting Barclaycard Customer Service

When you notice a problem with your credit card, do not hesitate to inform the company about this. To do this, you should call the customer service on 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090. Call this number to tell customer service representative your suspicions concerning fraudulent activities that appear to be happening with your card.

If your card is lost or stolen while travelling around the world, report it to Barclaycard as soon as possible by calling +44 (0) 1604 230 230. If you wish to make general commercial enquiries, do so by calling the customer service department on 0844 822 2111. The customer service office is always ready to receive your calls and provide solutions.

Barclaycard Contact Tips

The company operates a fully functional customer service department. The department operates 24 hours each day and 7 days a week. Therefore, you can call the department from the United Kingdom or any part of the world regardless of time differences. If you are outside the UK, check the country’s contact numbers at

HSBC Customer Service

HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world. It operates in 65 countries around the world, where it has opened over 6,300 offices. In fact, it is one of the most valuable brands in the banking and financial services sector. The bank operates in six territories – Latin America and North America, North Africa and the Middle East, Hong Kong, Europe and Rest of Asia-Pacific.

More than fifty percent of the bank’s employees are women. The bank provides wide-ranging financial services. It caters to the needs of over 54 million customers around the world. The bank’s employees are from 153 different nationalities who speak 142 diverse languages from all over the world.

HSBC Services

HSBC Customer Service Number

The bank is renowned for many products and services. Its investment products are among the most sought after by customers around the world. Under the investments product, the bank provides customers with advice regarding the different ways of investing. The bank allows customers to choose between investing directly and working with an investment advisor.

Under investments, customers can ask for and obtain help regarding ways of topping up their Investment Plans or Selected Investment Funds ISA into an alternative fund or existing fund. What is more, the bank provides advice that helps customers to obtain a much better appreciation of the risks they take by opting for particular investment decisions.

Contacting HSBC Customer Service

Customers who need help making the best investment decision can do so by calling HSBC’s customer service team on 0800 328 1298. The team has the expertise required to provide excellent guidance and support. The team is full of financial and investment experts who can provide all the information you need in order to make a decision regarding the path worth taking.

Call the HSBC customer service number for advice on your investments. Call the number to learn the differences between stocks/shares ISA and cash ISAs. Call the HSBC customer service number for clarification as to whether you must have an account with the bank before investing. Call the line for information on the subscription limits of your ISA. Call the number to appreciate the value of your pension.

HSBC Contact Tips

Before calling customer service at HSBC, check the opening times first. You should make the call only between 8 am and 9 pm from Monday to Friday. If you struggle with hearing and speech impairments, let the bank’s customer service department know your problems by using the textphone service, which is available through 18001 0800 028 0128.

Halifax Customer Services

The United Kingdom has some of the best banks and one of them is Halifax. It is one of the major banks operating in the country. Formerly, it operated as a building society before converting into a fully-fledged bank. The transformation into a bank took place after the building society went through the process of demutualization.

The bank has introduced several innovative products over the years to cater to the needs of its ever-growing customers. Online banking is one of its latest products through which customers are able to earn cash back, pay their friends and family, receive text alerts and manage their own accounts. The bank is part of the Lloyds Banking Group.

Halifax Services

Halifax Customer Services

In addition to the online services, the bank is renowned for multiple products that have proven exceedingly popular with the UK customers. Its ISAs are among the most sought after. The bank specializes in two types of ISAs, which are Cash ISAs and Junior Cash ISAs. Furthermore, the bank allows customers to transfer their ISAs.

Some of the options available to existing customers interested in the bank’s ISAs include the transfer of cash ISAs, providing maturity instructions, topping up cash ISAs online and renewing easy access cash ISAs among others. Renewing the account simply means changing your account type or the rate of interest your account pays.

Contacting Halifax Customer Service

The bank, despite being one of the largest in the United Kingdom, operates some aspects of customer service outside the country. However, its UK-based customer service team handles the majority of work. The customer service numbers are available to existing customers as well as those who are new to Halifax but need a few clarifications on some products and services.

If you have a complaint regarding any product or service from the bank, forward it to the Halifax customer services through phone calls. To do this, you should take your device and use it to call the bank on 0800 072 9779. If you struggle with hearing and speech impairments, use the textphone service, which is available on 0800 056 7294.

Halifax Contact Tips

The number that Halifax has set aside for handling complaints that customers have operates 24 hours each day, and 7 days every week. The textphone service number only operates from 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days each week. Therefore, this makes it easier for you to get in touch with Halifax customer services at the bank during the day or night, any day of the week – including weekends.

Yorkshire Bank Mortgages Contact

Finding the right mortgage that considers your unique circumstances can be a big task, thus the reason for Yorkshire Bank Mortgages. The bank created these mortgages to help its customers who need unique facilities. For example, one of the highlights of the mortgage facilities is that customers are able to move into their dream homes with nothing other than a 5% deposit.

Moreover, Yorkshire helps customers to choose where they want to live or buy homes. The bank does this because it appreciates the difficulties associated with such decisions. Through the mortgage facilities, customers can move into new homes or raise funds for buying their first ever homes. The mortgages help you to enjoy the process of moving homes or buying a new one.

Yorkshire Bank Mortgages Services

Yorkshire Bank Mortgages

Buying a home for the first time ever can be a huge challenge. Fortunately, Yorkshire has created a mortgage service that provides you with all the tools required to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The company are for the first time buyers as well as customers interested in remortgages.

If you want to move homes anywhere in the United Kingdom, take advantage of the mortgage expertise that Yorkshire Bank has. Moreover, this facility is for existing customers interested in switching to a new deal, borrowing more or moving homes. The bank’s mortgage unit also has other products that include offset mortgages and discounted SVR mortgages among others.

Contacting Yorkshire Bank Customer Service

Yorkshire Bank created a customer service office for handling all questions that you have on 0800 456 1 247. If you are outside the United Kingdom, you can contact customer service by calling +44 141 951 7315. On the other hand, if you wish to make specific enquiries regarding the existing mortgage, the bank allows you to send them through 0800 121 4203.

The bank has a team of dedicated mortgage advisors that you can call specifically on 0800 023 2201, especially when interested in booking an appointment. Call this dedicated number to book an appointment at the local branch that offers Yorkshire Mortgages. You can also call this number to book a phone appointment where an advisor answers all your questions on the phone.

Yorkshire Mortgages Contact Tips

The Yorkshire Mortgages customer service number operates from Monday to Sunday, though at different times. For example, the service number remains open between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday. The service number is open between 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays, as well as 10, am to 4 pm on Sundays. Call only after confirming call charges with your service provider.

Bank of America Helpline

Bank of America is one of the largest banking and financial services institutions in the world. It offers wide-ranging services that include wealth management. It caters for the banking and financial needs of people as well as companies and institutional investors. The bank endeavors to improve the financial lives of the clients as well as customers that it serves.

The bank has a history that covers the better part of more than two centuries. Despite all the changes that the bank has undergone, it has not lost the commitment it has towards customers, communities, and clients. The bank operates in more than 35 countries located in various parts such as Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe.

Bank of America Customer Services

Bank of America Helpline

The bank has unique services for people as well as institutional investors and companies. Any consumer who needs help with wealth management will receive it through US Trust as well as Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Examples of what the bank does to help consumers include services such as checking, credit cards, and savings as well as home loans.

Services that the bank provides to customers through Merrill Lynch Wealth Management include investment management, wealth management banking, wealth transfer, concentrated stock strategies and trust funds. Other services that customers receive through Merrill Lynch include retirement services, philanthropic management as well as tax and estate planning.

Contacting Bank of America Customer Service

If you want the customer service to handle any question that you have regarding checking and savings, call 800-432-1000 for assistance in English. However, if you are a Spanish-speaking customer, contact the company by dialing 1.800.688.6086. For customers struggling with hearing and speech impairments, 800.288.4408 is the number that they ought to call.

Bank of America Contact Tips

Prior to placing the call to the customer service office at Bank of America, have the card or account number ready. The bank will rarely answer your call or come up with a solution to the problem that you want it to resolve without the card of the account number. Live chats are also permissible only that you might find all the agents busy thus forced to wait a bit.

The banking and financial services giant provides automated support. If you are not ready to wait for an agent to pick and respond to your call, then call the bank any time of the day or night and make use of the automated support, which is available 24 hours every day from Monday to Sunday. Automated support is helpful for customers who are in a rush.

Yorkshire Helpline

Colonel Edward Akroyd founded Yorkshire Bank in 1859 mainly to address the financial and domestic challenges that his employees faced each day. He established the Bank in response to the suffering that his workforce faced. The bank began operating in Halifax. From the start, the bank has always endeavoured to put the people that it serves first.

Throughout the years, the bank has taken part in many charitable works as well as community projects. Currently, the bank operates as a subsidiary of National Australia Bank. The financial services that the company provides are the hallmark products that have made it a household name in the United Kingdom.

Yorkshire Customer Services

Yorkshire Helpline

The products and services that the bank provides fall under three categories, which are personal banking, private banking, and business banking. Under personal banking, customers are entitled to apply for home mover mortgage or open current accounts. Under this category, customers can apply for loans and credit cards as well as insurance and travel-related services.

Customers in need of private banking can apply for Internet banking as well as specific banking services. Private banking customers can apply for offshore or migrant accounts. Mortgages and wealth management services are available to the private customers. The business banking services are for small businesses as well as commercial and corporate customers.

Contacting Yorkshire Customer Service

Customer service numbers operate 24 hours and clients can access these by dialling 0800 456 1247 from anywhere in the United Kingdom. Customers who work, reside or visit other countries outside of the United Kingdom can get in touch with the customer service by dialling +44 141 951 7315.

Customers who need to access the Internet banking helpdesk of Yorkshire Bank or report lost and stolen cards can do so by calling 0800 456 1247. The customer service number for all issues regarding credit cards is 0800 678 3320. The bank has several other telephone numbers that customers need to know before calling depending on their needs.

Yorkshire Contact Tips

Some of the contact telephone numbers operate round the clock every day of the week. Other numbers operate for specific hours of the day and only for particular days of the week. For this reason, it is important to check with Yorkshire Bank first to find out the hours. It is also important to check with the service provider about the call charges before making phone calls.

The main banking line that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year is 0800 456 1247 and +44 141 951 7315 for the UK and international customers respectively.

First Direct Helpline

First Direct is a subsidiary of HSBC Bank plc that began operating in 1989. It provides retail banking services through the Internet and telephone. The company has grown to an extent that it currently boasts of a customer base of 1.25 million. It has a wonderful reputation in the United Kingdom where excellent customer service is concerned.

The retail banker operates two call centers located in Stourton and Hamilton, which is in England and Scotland respectively. The Hamilton call center is the largest of the two. The call center at Stourton, Leeds is responsible for handling risk assessment as well as various processing activities. The Hamilton center shares the same building with HSBC Direct banking.

First Direct Customer Services

First Direct Helpline

Although the bank provides retail banking services online and through the telephone, this does not mean that customers cannot get the quality services that they need. Customers can still get all types of retail banking services including mortgages and loans. Customers can apply for credit cards as well from the banking institution.

Customers are free to make savings through their accounts. Insurance products and services are available to customers who want to buy them through the retail banking institution. Through this bank, customers can make travel as well as foreign payments, thus ensuring safe, peaceful and stress-free trips to their preferred destinations anywhere in the world.

Contacting First Direct Customer Service

Since First Direct provides all retail banking services online and through the telephone, it is easier for customers to get in touch with its representatives at any time of the day or night using phone calls. With this bank, customers never have to worry about whether customer service will respond to their phone calls or not. They’re always on standby to help their customers at any time.

In this regard, customers should get in touch with the company through 03456 002 424, which is for the new customers. New customers can also get in touch with the company via 0800 242 424. The existing customers have a specific number that they should call to speak with a bank representative. The number is 03456 100 100.

First Direct Contact Tips

All the calls that customers make to First Direct are only free for those with inclusive minute packages. Customers with minutes of use can also make the calls without paying anything. A customer who does not have such packages to use should be ready to pay for calling the 03456 numbers using the same rates that apply to calls placed to the 01 and 02 numbers.

Coop Helpline

The Co-operative Bank or Coop as it is more commonly known is a bank in the United Kingdom that provides various types of banking services. The bank began operating in 1872 as the Loans and Deposit Department at CWS. Since then, it has grown tremendously to an extent where it earns more than £1.2 billion in net income.

The Bank is the seventh-largest lender in Great Britain. It has a workforce of more than 7,500 employees working in various locations around the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of the Co-operative Group Limited, which also owns Co-operative Insurance Society. The bank mostly gets revenues from the interest that it levies on loans.

Coop Customer Services

Coop Helpline

The bank provides all the banking services that customers in Great Britain expect to receive from any similar type of banking institution. For this reason, customers can open any type of current account that they want with the bank from options that include standard current accounts as well as Current Account Plus. Current accounts are for all customers who need personal banking.

The services that the bank provides fall in different categories that include personal, business, commercial and offshore. Under commercial banking, customers are entitled to access a dedicated relationship manager directly among several other benefits. Business services are for customers who consider time a valuable resource and want professional but customized services.

Contacting Coop Customer Service

Customer service is accessible through different methods such as telephone calls and the web or live chats. To learn more about the options one can visit their official website. Customers who prefer telephone calls should get in touch with the bank via +44 (0) 3457 212 212 for all general inquiries. Customers who want to report lost or stolen cards should call +44 (0) 345 600 6000 and report the issue to the most available customer representative.

For questions regarding credit cards, customers should call +44 (0) 345 600 6000. As for questions regarding mortgages and Britannia Savings, the numbers to call are +44 (0) 800 234 6761 and +44 (0) 800 132 304 respectively. Customers who prefer contacting the bank via live or web chats should know that the organization is unable to access account details this way.

Coop Contact Tips

The telephone numbers for general inquiries, lost and stolen cards as well as credit cards operate 24 hours 7 days a week. The telephone number for mortgages operates between 9am-8pm from Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday. The telephone number for making inquiries about Britannia Savings is on from 9am-8pm and 9am-12pm from Mon-Fri and Saturday respectively.

TSB Helpline

TSB provides local banking services to customers in Great Britain. It is a subsidiary of Sabadell, which is a banking group from Spain. The bank has endeavored to remain faithful to its goal of delivering excellent services to customers all over Great Britain. Working together with the fifth largest banking group in Spain has made the organization better.

Customers who purchase any product or service from the bank never have to worry about their money. The bank assures customers of the security of their money. Since the bank operates under the regulations and supervision offered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, customers do not need to worry about the money they keep in the accounts.

TSB Customer Services

TSB Helpline

The bank has several products and services for customers to choose depending on needs and other factors. Current accounts are among the most sought after services and products from the bank. The current accounts are for different types of customers. Under current accounts, customers can open classic accounts, silver accounts or any youth accounts of their choice.

Other products that the bank has include mortgages. Here, the bank helps customers to determine how much to borrow based on different factors such as a number of dependents, annual income, annual bonuses, extra income and monthly debt commitments. The mortgage facilities are for first-time buyers, remortgaging, buy-to-let, existing customers and those who are moving homes.

Contacting TSB Customer Service

If you want to contact customer service at TSB regarding changing your address or learning more about the bank charges and any other pressing issue, the number to dial from any location in the United Kingdom is 0345 975 8758. On the other hand, call the bank on +44 (0) 203 284 1575 if you are currently outside the United Kingdom.

A textphone service is available for customers struggling with speech and hearing impairments. Such customers should contact the bank through 0345 835 3843 if they are inside the United Kingdom. When a customer with speech and hearing impairments travels abroad but wants to get in touch with the bank, he should do it through +44 (0) 1733 286 352.

TSB Contact Tips

Before contacting TSB on any issue, it is important to understand the opening hours to avoid a situation where you call only for the call to go unanswered because the bank is closed for the day. Fortunately, the bank remains open 24 hours every day of the week to handle the needs of customers with general inquiries, which can also be channeled to be attended to via email or any of their social platform. Check their website for the correct link.