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Travelodge is a value hotel brand that is in the Great Britain. The organization became a value hotel brand in 1985 when it was launched in the United Kingdom. The hotel opened the first facility at Barton before growing into the largest independent brand of hotel in the United Kingdom.

The brand now has more than 500 hotels, which boast of in excess of 37,000 guest bedrooms. The hotels are located in not only the United Kingdom but also Ireland and Spain. The brand puts up new hotels right in the center of all major cities. You will find the hotels in most major cities in Britain as well as in places such as Birmingham, Manchester, and London among others

Travelodge Customer Services

Travelodge Helpline

The brand seeks to be the leader in terms of providing value to customers who stay in the hotels and enjoy amenities within the thousands of guest bedrooms. To provide customers with value for money, the brand has embarked on a modernization exercise that has seen it spend more than £100 million to upgrade the hotels and guest bedrooms as well as all facilities contained therein.

The brand remains the ideal choice for all business-related activities. Some of the corporate customers that the brand serves include FTSE-100 companies. The guest bedrooms in the hotels have king-sized beds that the brand calls the Travelodge Dreamer Bed. The beds feature 952 individual pocket springs designed to provide guests with support and comfort while sleeping.

Contacting Travelodge Customer Service

Customers are free to contact Travelodge regarding any issue that they find unpleasant within the guest bedrooms or hotels. They can contact customer service at the brand by calling especially when interested in booking an appointment. Customers can also call the brand through this number for all the general inquiries as well as questions they want to ask.

Travelodge Contact Tips

It is important for customers to realize that calling Travelodge through the telephone number stated above attracts call charges. For example, the calls cost around 13p per minute. Customers who call the brand need to know that the service provider might also levy some access charges in addition to the call costs.

It is also important for customers to realize that getting in touch with the brand by placing bookings using the Central Reservations attracts a fee of £2.50 for each call, which is non-refundable. Customers who have more questions and inquiries regarding customer service should visit the official website and go to the support center.

Thomson Helpline

Thomson has employed more than 18,000 workers to ensure that its customers enjoy special holidays. The brand began operating in 1965 when it was formed with the objective of ensuring that traveling abroad was easier for all. The brand made Britons aware that there was more fun traveling to continental destinations instead of restricting their holidays to local beaches.

Currently, the brand boasts of having employed more staff around the world than other travel companies. It provides customers with a massive selection of holidays from which to choose. It has become a major player in the travel and holiday industry by coming up with exclusive packages that other travel companies cannot replicate or offer to their customers.

Thomson Customer Services

Thomson Helpline

The brand is one of the leading and most renowned travel operators in the world. It is a subsidiary of the TUI Group, but this has not stopped the brand from connecting customers with the best travel and holiday packages to different destinations in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

The brand provides a wide variety of travel and holiday packages. It is renowned for products such as Thomson Cruises, Sensatori, Family Resorts and Thomson Couples to name a few. The brand handpicks all hotels carefully before referring their customers to such establishments for holiday accommodation. The brand flies UK travelers from around 23 airports in the country.

Contacting Thomson Customer Service

You can contact customer service at Thompson and make inquiries about package holidays as well as flights by calling 0203 451 2688. Do not hesitate to call the same number if you see the need for changing your booking or asking general questions and inquiries. If you want to change a travel insurance policy, let the customer service know through 0203 636 1311.

If you have concerns regarding customer welfare or feel that you are not getting enough of this, let the brand know by calling 0203 451 2585. For questions regarding specialist holidays that involve groups of more than 10 travelers, call the company on 0203 451 2684. For customers who need assistance while on holiday, the number to call is +44 3333 365 147.

Contact Thomson Tips

Before placing the call to Thomson for a bit of assistance from the customer service team, check the cost of the calls. For some calls, you will pay around 5p per minute in addition to the access charges levied by your service provider. Calls made from abroad attract international rates while the cost of text messages is 50p in addition to the network rates.

Travelodge Phone

Travelodge is a budget hotel firm that operates in the United Kingdom. In 1985, the hotel only had one establishment or branch. The company has been in operation during the reigns of up to 5 Prime Ministers in the United Kingdom. The smallest hotel that the company operates – London Southgate Travelodge – has 18 rooms.

In 1985, a customer had to pay £19.95 to stay in a room within the hotel. In 2015, the starting price for staying in any of the rooms in the hotel is £29.00. The hotel is popular with the top 100 FTSE companies. This is because 50 of the FTSE Companies prefer the business stay services that the hotel provides. Moreover, the company operates 62 hotels in London alone.

Travelodge Customer Services

Travelodge Phone Number

The company operates 521 hotels in the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland. By 2023, the company intends to be operating around 750 hotels. To make the customers have the best experience, the company installed more than 38,000 Travelodge Dreamer beds in the hotels that it operates in 2014.

The company has spent more than £100 million on a modernization program to ensure that the hotels it operates belong to the 21st Century. The hotels are popular with personal as well as business customers looking for a good place to stay. The hotels that it runs charge some of the lowest rates in the United Kingdom and therefore are the ideal place for many visiting UK.

Contacting Travelodge Customer Service

You can get in touch with customer service at Travelodge and make a booking. To do that, you need to call customer service on 08719 848 4874. Use the same number to ask customer service any question or make general enquiries. You should also call the customer service number for more information on how to amend or cancel your booking.

At times, it pays to get in touch with the hotel before placing the booking. You can do this through the customer service number as well. If you need to, do not hesitate to contact the company by writing letters and sending to the address that is under the Contact Us section of the official website.

Travelodge Contact Tips

The calls made to the customer service numbers attract a fee of 13p per minute. In addition to these call costs, you will also have to bear the access charges that the service provider levies on calls made to the customer service number. On the other hand, any call that you make to Travelodge through Central Reservations attracts a non-refundable fee of £2.50 for booking.

Thomson Phone

Thomson is a travel operator that is based in the United Kingdom. The operator is a subsidiary of the TUI Group. The operator has its headquarters in Luton, England. The company began providing travel services in 1965 when it was founded. Sadly, the operator will exist under a completely different name from 2018 when it will be known by the TUI name.

The company has employed more than 18,000 individuals whose work is to ensure that customers receive the best services to make their holidays special. The operator has come a long way from 1965 when it existed solely to make international travel accessible to all the customers who needed such types of services.

Thomson Customer Services

Thomson Phone Number

The operator is renowned for providing exclusive holidays to cus6tomers from all parts of the world. This explains why it has won global admiration as a leading travel operator. It designs some customized holiday packages and products that include Cruises, Sensatori, Family Resorts and special offers or deals for couples.

The company hand picks hotels on behalf of its clients. The travel operator has come up with some excellent products designed to provide customers with the best getaway experiences. It is for this reason that the operator has opened 650 stores all over the United Kingdom to ensure that customers receive the best service and tips for holidays.

Contacting Thomson Customer Service

You can call the company and ask about their holiday packages on 0871 231 4691. You may use the same number to book a holiday or make enquiries about the availability of your preferred holiday package. Call the same number for more information on the accommodation options that are available to you in your preferred holiday destination.

All the questions that you have regarding flight, which Thomson Airways provides, should go directly to 0203 451 2695 from any location in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, call 0871 231 5938 to learn more about the cruise services. If you plan to ask the company about your upcoming wedding, let customer service know by calling 0871 664 0131 and they’ll be able to offer you a comprehensive response to that.

Thomson Contact Tips

Thomson has availed several numbers to customers who need to get in touch with its customer service advisors for assistance and clarifications. The 0871 numbers cost 10p per minute to call from any location within the United Kingdom. On the other hand, be ready to pay 5p per minute when calling the numbers that begin with 0844 from anywhere in the UK.

TRAVELODGE Customer Service


About Travelodge

This is considered as one of the top hotel brands in the UK which were first launched in the year 1985 in Barton under Needlewood. Since its establishment, the brand has shifted its positioning and image from being a roadside hotel chain to become a reputed one. Today it has more than five hundred hotels which offer services at reasonable rates. The website of this hotel is considered to be one of the most visited in the country which generates ninety percent of total booking. More than a million people visit the hotel on weekly basis. Some of the facts about the hotel include that;
1. King Richard III before the battle at the Blue Boar Inn spent his last night here in the year 1845. This site is not the Leicester Central Travelodge
2. Even Queen Victoria stayed at the Leamington Spa Travelodge in room number 107 and used room number 108 as a dressing room
3. In fact, Travelodge London Bethnal Green is the country’s first hotel located above a comedy club
One of the most attractive attributes of this hotel is that it offers a great value of money to its visitors and customers around the year.

TRAVELODGE Customer Service

The customers can get in touch with the TRAVELODGE Customer Service department through the multiple ways cited below;
1. They can make use of the social marketing website links like;
a) Twitter –
b) Facebook –
2. They can also choose to write to the company at;
Customer Services, Travelodge Hotels Ltd, Sleepy Hollow, Aylesbury Road, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3AT
3. The number for booking via calls is 08719 848484
4. The support centre helps the individuals in finding the answers to common issues and queries
5. They can talk to advisors on 0871 872 7163

TRAVELODGE Customer Service Tips:

When getting in touch with the department of customer service the users and individuals have to make sure that;
1. They have their booking numbers in hand as this is a requirement for logging into the “My Travelodge”
2. When talking to a representative from the department refer to the contact details on the confirmation email
3. If customers need a booking related query to be answered they should refer to their confirmation email details when contacting via phone

Thomson Customer Service


About Thomson

This is one of the most revered business units which boasts experience and acumen of the industry that spans over four decades. It was established in the year 1965 after the acquisition of;
1. Skytours
2. Riviera
3. Luxitours
4. Airline Britannia Airways
by Roy Thomson.

Thomson Customer Service

There are multiple ways cited below which the customers and the users can opt for when it comes to getting in touch with the Thomson Customer Service department;
1. These customers and users can make use of the “Thomson Shop Finder” tool provided on the website
2. Technical Helpline numbers is 0844 871 0878. The operating hours for this line are Mon – Fri; 08.00 – 20.00; Sat 09.00 – 1800 and Sun 10.00 – 17.00
3. For general questions call 0203 451 2688
4. For flight concerns call 0203 451 2695
5. For the customer welfare concerns or those who need special assistance the number is 0203 451 2585
6. For groups of 10 or more passengers the contact number is 0203 451 2684. The email address is
7. For assistance while on holiday the number is 02476 282228 24. The email address is 24× These individuals can also text at 82345
8. For post-holiday assistance the contact number is 0203 451 2699
9. They can also write to the company on the address;
After Travel Customer Support, Thomson Holidays, Wigmore House, Wigmore Lane, Luton, LU2 9TN OR Thomson Cruise Service Centre, Mariner Street, Swansea, SA1 5BA
10. They can email at
11. For baggage claims they can write to;
Thomson Airways Baggage Claims, 5 the Enterprise Centre, Kelvin Lane, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9PT
12. The telephone number for customer service is 0871 971 0578
13. To inform about the flight experience and provide other feedback the number is 0203 451 2693
14. The customers can also choose to fill out the online application form
15. For special assistance request the number is 0203 451 2585
16. The travel agents can call at 0203 451 2677 or 0871 971 0576 or 020 8939 0467
17. The travel agents can also email at
18. The individuals can get in touch with the respective department through the social marketing website links like;
a) Facebook –
b) Twitter –
c) Google + –
d) YouTube –
e) Pinterest –

Thomson Customer Service tips

Those who get in touch with the Thomson Customer Service department must remember to;
1. Take a look at the Ask a Question page, where they might find the information they need
2. They should also make sure that they know the rates of the local and international calls