Sky Internet Customer Service

Sky Internet Customer Service

0870 062 6715

Calls to 0870 numbers “calls cost 10p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge”

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Sky Internet UK Operation Hours

All Days 7:00AM - 11:00PM

SKY Overview

Sky UK was also known as British Sky Broadcasting Company is a telecommunication and mass media company that only serves the UK. Headquartered in London the company was launched in 1990 with a slogan of “Believe in Better”. It is also abbreviated as BSkyB due to the fact that soon after it’s launched 50:50 merger with British Satellite Broadcasting took place. As a result, Sky UK became the largest television network in the UK in terms of coverage as well as subscriber base. The parent company of the Sky UK is Sky plc and for the same reason, BSkyB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc. It is also to be noted that the channels of British Satellite broadcasting and Sky UK were also encrypted to a single platform as soon as the merger too place. Sky customer services can be reached in a different way and the easiest one through the phone.

Services of Sky UK

Sky UK presents multi-channels to its subscribers to make sure that more can be given to them at fewer prices. The subscription of the company also includes third-party channels as well as in-house productions to make sure that Sky’s own channels are also promoted in a well-defined manner. The current subscriber base of the Sky UK is 10 million out of which 36% are the household which also shows that majority of the customers are business-related as well as the corporate sectors. Sky UK is now focusing on triple play or Quad play packages by including DSL, telephony and mobile telephone services.

Reaching Sky UK

Sky customer services can be reached in a different way and the easiest one is by dialling 0844 800 3115. has all the details of Sky customer services which also includes store locator as well as USSD codes that can be used to make sure that live agent is never needed to resolve the issues. Sky helpline is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure that the customer never suffers. By using the official website the live chat sessions can also be conducted to get prompt solutions.

Additional help

Sky customer service has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the cable and mass media industry of UK so you can call the customer services with a faith that your issue will be resolved as soon as possible however the turnaround time of general complaints is 24 to 48 hours and the technical issues that are related to infrastructure can take up to 14 days.

Sky Internet Customer Service
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6 Responses to Sky Internet Customer Service

  1. Susan Kelly says:

    Worst Fiber ever. Cuts out/slow. I can boil a kettle in the time I get a page loaded. I resent every penny I give to Sky. Dial up connection is quicker. Customer service awful.

  2. Jahan A says:

    Sky broadband stay away from them 3 days later can’t still get on line I phone up spoken number of people still no answer and they talk to like dirt so I will be leaving sky what rubbish service.

  3. Mohsin Khan says:

    The speed is good, I get around 16mbps down and 1 up. However my router is very very unreliable. Constantly cuts out and comes back. I’ve checked the router, nothing seems up with it. Wouldn’t really recommend.

  4. John b says:

    I must say that the Sky connection is a lot faster for browsing, gaming and downloading than any other provider.

  5. Steve says:

    I’ve been using Sky broadband for a while now and to be honest, the quality of the service I get is truly awful.

  6. J Keith says:

    Horrible internet connection. I get disconnected all the time and after I go through their Connection Diagnosis the internet drops again.

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