Facebook Phone Number

Facebook Phone Number

0870 046 9498

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Facebook UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Facebook has created the largest social media network in the world today. The popularity of the social media platform that it has created is clear from the fact that more than 600,000 hacking attempts take place on the accounts each day. The average user in the US spends close to 40 minutes on the social media network each day.

The social media network has been tracking the sites that users visit even after they log out. The theme colour of the social media network is blue because of the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, suffers colour blindness that makes it hard for him to differentiate between red and green. The social media network has a lot to do to reverse the decision made to block it in China.

Facebook Services

Facebook Phone Number

The organisation has created a platform that allows people to interact regardless of where they are through the Internet. The network allows people to meet with their long-lost friends. It allows strangers to become good friends, even if this only happens on the Internet. The site has created a platform through which authentic causes can receive all the attention that they require globally.

The only person or name that users cannot block from their accounts is Mark Zuckerberg. Every time that a user from the US logs into the site, the social media network earns an average of $5.85. In fact, more users from the US are willing to open accounts on the social media network and use these than those with a readiness to take part in a vote during Elections.

Contacting Facebook Customer Service

All customers, whether registered or not, can get in touch with customer service through 4 different ways. One method of contacting the social media network is by sending an email to press@fb.com, which is for press-related issues. If you prefer phone calls, do not expect any human support. This is because the organisation does not offer human support over the phone.

The next method to use for getting in touch with customer service is through the Help Center. To access the Help Center, log in to your account. You will find all the answers to your questions at the Help Center. Use the search box as well. Simply type in the issue for which you require an answer in the search box and read down until you get the best solution.

Facebook Contact Tips

To get in touch with the support team at the social media network, it is important to open or create your Facebook account. Thereafter, use the login details to sign in and look for assistance from the Help Center or the Community. For this to take place, do not forget to create your own account.

Facebook Phone Number
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