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Cable & Wireless is a full-service telecom company that operates in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. The organization began showing commitment to customers in Latin America and the Caribbean from the 1870s after introducing the first ever telegraph service in the region. Since then, the telecom giant has continued delivering excellent telecom services in the region.

The organization has now spread its services to Seychelles as well. In all the markets where it has operations, the telecom giant has strived to connect customers with information. It also strives to connect people with entertainment. Furthermore, the company is focused on ensuring that the customers it serves are able to connect with each other.

Cable & Wireless Customer Services

Cable & Wireless Helpline

The telecom company has become an important player in ensuring the effective connection between people in the Caribbean and Latin America. It does this by providing a wide range of telecom services that include television, broadband, fixed lines and mobile phones. It helps B2B customers to benefit from high-quality communications systems.

Governments in the Caribbean and Latin American countries are able to deliver not only better but also cheaper public services due to the services and products from the organization. For example, patients in Panama are benefiting from the technology that the organization has introduced to the government to reduce waiting times in hospitals and medical centers.

Contacting Cable & Wireless Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with customer service at the organization and ask a question or demand explanations regarding any service and product that you feel was substandard. You could approach the customer service team in the US or the United Kingdom for answers on services that never met your expectation.

Dialing +1 305 424 9547 will take you directly to the customer service at the operational hub of the organization, which is located in the United States. On the other hand, dialing +44 (0) 207 315 4000 will direct you to the headquarters of the organization. The headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. A customer service representative or advisor will answer the calls.

Cable & Wireless Contact Tips

Members of the press have a special telephone number that they can dial to talk with the right person/office in the UK or US. People who want to make investment-related inquiries also have their special numbers to call and speak with the right person. Before calling, check whether the issue you want to ask is best handled in the United Kingdom or the United States.

Virgin Media Helpline

Virgin Media is a company that provides wide-ranging telecom services to customers in the United Kingdom. The services that the company specializes in providing include broadband Internet, television, mobile phone and fixed lines. Since 2013, the company has operated as one of the subsidiaries of Liberty Global. It allows customers to order these services online.

The company took on the Virgin name, which was a change from the earlier one of NTL Telewest, after signing a deal with Sir Richard Branson in November 2006. The merger between Telewest and NTL in March 2006 is what created NTL Telewest. In February 2007, the company rebranded all the consumer services in tune with the change of name it underwent.

Virgin Media Customer Services

Virgin Media Helpline

Earlier when it was new in the telecom industry in the United Kingdom, the company was known for operations that included Virgin Media Television, Sit-up, and UKTV. Today, the company is now renowned for other services and operations in the United Kingdom that include broadband, media businesses, mobile, fixed telephones and Virgin TV.

The broadband services that the company operates have some of the fastest speeds in the United Kingdom today. What this means is that multiple people in the home can be online at the same time doing different things without affecting or interfering with the speeds of the broadband. The broadband service allows users to download, browse and stream live as much as they want.

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

If you want to ask the customer service office at the organization questions on account and billing, do not hesitate to dial 150 from a Virgin Media mobile phone or landline. If you have a different landline or mobile phone, do not hesitate to contact the company on 0345 454 1111 to ask questions regarding how to manage the account online.

Feel free to call the company on 150 or 0345 454 1111 as well in case you want to report a lost or stolen phone. If you are considering moving house, let the company know your intentions by dialing 150 and selecting option 5 from the menu. For help when planning to move house, you can also contact the customer service team by dialing 0345 141 0111 from a different phone.

Virgin Media Contact Tips

It is worth noting that when contacting Virgin Media regarding any of it’s products and services from other networks as well as mobile phones, the costs of the calls will vary depending on the service provider. However, when calling from a mobile phone or fixed phone that the company provides, seek to understand the costs as well, although the good news is that they are the same.

Cable & Wireless Contact Phone

Cable & Wireless is a leader in all the 14 markets where it serves customers with fixed line services. Out of the 15 markets that it serves with mobile services, the organisation is a leader in 10 with the quality of services and range of products. In the 15 broadband markets that it serves, the organisation leads in 14 of them.

Some of the services that the organisation provides include mobile as well as mobile data. Others include broadband and fixed line services. Thus far, the organisation is actively involved in meeting the needs of more than 3.7 million customers who rely on its mobile services. It also boasts of 1.1 million fixed line and 388,000 broadband customers.

Cable & Wireless Customer Services

Cable & Wireless Phone Number

The company specialises in providing a wide variety of telecom services. The services include mobile as well as mobile data. It also specialises in broadband services. The organisation is a market leader where fixed line services are concerned. Some of the at-home services that the company provides have to do with entertainment, especially through television.

The at-work services that the company specialises in providing mostly have to do with business solutions. The business services include installation of telecoms as well as IT systems. In addition to providing the services to businesses, the organisation is capable of managing them on behalf of the customers. It provides services between nations in South American and the US.

Contacting Cable & Wireless Customer Service

Customer service can handle any complaint that you have regarding the products and services that Cable & Wireless provides. You can contact customer service through phone calls or by writing emails. You can also send emails and let customer service know about the complaints, feedback or suggestions regarding some of the products.

To contact customer service at the head offices, you should call +44 (0) 207 315 4000 from outside the United Kingdom. The customer service number for the operational hub is available in the United States, and this means that you should call 1-305-424-9547. The company has different phone numbers for those calling about media-related or investor-related issues that they want to report.

Cable & Wireless Contact Tips

Before calling the UK or US office, check the call charges and rates with your local service provider. The call charges differ depending on whether you call from a landline or mobile phone. It is advisable to check the operating times and take notice of the difference in time zones when calling Cable & Wireless through any of its phone numbers.

Virgin Media Contact Phone

Virgin Media is at the forefront of using digital technology to improve the quality of life of the customers that it serves. This is why the company opted to enter into the telecom industry and become one of the major players in the United Kingdom. The organisation became the first company in the UK to provide TV, broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone services.

The company operates a cable network that is growing non-stop. The company has now been in operation for more than 10 years. During the early years, the company was the only virtual mobile network in the world. Since then, the market has been proliferated with more players that provide similar services not only in the United Kingdom but also around the world.

Virgin Media Customer Services

Virgin Media Phone Number

The interactive television service that the company provides is the most advanced in the United Kingdom. The interactive television service is a conglomeration of TV On Demand, broadcast TV and TiVo. Among its many achievements, the company was the first in the United Kingdom to provide HD TV as well as 3D On Demand to millions of homes across the land.

In partnership with Liberty Global, the company is providing broadband, TV, fixed line and mobile phone services to more than 24 million customers in 14 countries. This way the company is playing a crucial role in connecting customers with the digital world. This makes it easier to create the platform through which people can discover the endless possibilities of the digital world.

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

The customer service is capable of handling all the complaints regarding the many services and products that Virgin Media provides. For this reason, you should not hesitate to contact customer service on 0345 454 1111 to report the service fault on the broadband service. Call the same customer service number to report a loss of TV services.

Alternatively, you should also get in touch with customer service through 150. A call to the customer service number will provide the assistance that you need with a phone that no longer has a dial tone. On the other hand, all the questions that you have regarding billing and payments with regard to your mobile phone or plan should go through 0345 6000 789 or 789.

Virgin Media Contact Tips

You can only contact the company using the 150 or 789 numbers through the Virgin Media phone. The other telephone numbers are accessible through any other landline or mobile phone. Make the calls to the customer service numbers between 8 am and midnight every day throughout the week. This is because the numbers operate 7 days every week.

Virgin Media Customer Service

About Virgin Media

VIRGIN MEDIA is a part of the group that offers collective digital solutions for their consumers. Offering a range of packages across the UK, the company competes with BT and BSkyB for TV customers. It has Tivo service that allow users to have a recording space for their favorite tv shows. Due to its pursuit of perfection and commitment to excellence, the company has remained at the top across the region. Virgin Media is also the pioneer in extending HD TV and 3D On Demand to several users across the nation.

VIRGIN MEDIA Customer Service

Virgin Media makes sure that people can make the best of its services and thus offers a number of ways for contacting it. Users can get in touch with the customer service department by phone, mail or other tools. Some of the ways to reach out to the customer support are:
1. “Online Help and Support”. The tool available at the website allows you to explore various topics, articles and Videos. You can also find a number of troubleshooting guides in this section.
2. The “Help and Support Forum” tool allows you to get in touch with the company
3. Users who are disabled may opt for Video Relay Service that allows users to use sign language with the help of webcam or text relay Service
4. The following social marketing links such as Facebook –, YouTube – and Twitter – can also be used to reach out to the customer support
5. You can also call on the following number to contact Virgin Media: 0800 064 3839 (8:00 AM to midnight)
6. The users of Virgin Media phone or mobile users can call on 150
7. Others may use the following number: 0345 454 1111
8. You can also choose to write on the following address: Media House Bartley Wood Business Park Hook, HampshireRG27 9UP United Kingdom

VIRGIN MEDIA Customer Service tips

To make the best of customer support service at Virgin Media, make sure you following these tips:
1. You are required to make an effort to save your time by sifting through the 24×7 support resources such as:
a) Video tutorials
b) FAQ
c) Troubleshooting tools etc.
2. You must make sure you provide correct information about your personal details and account number so that you may get a response from the company without any delay.
3. You can also try out other mediums instead of calling at the centers if you want troubleshooting help from Virgin Media.

Cable & Wireless Customer Service

About Customer Helpline

This is one of the most comprehensive websites existing on the World Wide Web which enlists the customer service department information of the different brands and business entities operating in the UK at one place. It has categorized this information such that it does not take more than a few seconds for customers to find the same.
This simple yet detailed website is updated on regular basis so that the content it includes is latest and authentic which the visitors can rely on in their times of need. This in return prevents them from facing losses due to waste of time or prolonged delays and allows them to get the issues resolved at the earliest.

About Cable & Wireless Communications

Cable & Wireless Communications offers services like;
1. Telecommunications company
2. Broadband services
3. High capacity, reliable networks
4. Data services
This business entity offering telecommunication services is renowned for premium services and high standards which are being improvised continuously to meet the ever-growing demands of the customers. The company also assists the governments to offer cost-effective and better public services like accessing web-based resources for the purpose of education. It operates across three regions;
1. The Caribbean
2. Panama
3. Monaco

Cable & Wireless Communications Customer Service

The customers of the Cable & Wireless Communications can get in touch with the Cable & Wireless Communications customer service department of this telecommunication company by selecting one of the different ways listed below;
1. They can choose to reach out to the customer service department through the links to the social marketing websites cited below;
a) Twitter –
b) Facebook –
c) YouTube –
d) Flickr –
2. They can also choose to write to the company at their postal/ mailing address;
3rd Floor, 26 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4HQ, United Kingdom
3. The users can also opt to call at 44 (0)207 315 4000

Cable & Wireless Communications Customer Service tips

1. For a quicker response, the users should make sure to add correct information related to account number, personal details and contact information
2. For general troubleshooting try out other mediums and online help tools rather than calling at the centres
3. Any related reference numbers or account number should be added when complaining via automated forms or mail/email
4. The preferred mode of communication and the preferred time of contact should be mentioned when in touch with the customer service department