Asda Customer Services

ASDA is a supermarket group that operates in the United Kingdom. As part of its business model, the supermarket chain focuses on increasing price cuts to attract more customers. Although the organization has not been doing too well, it has put some plans in place to reverse the downward trend. The plans include revamping box stores while increasing price cuts.

The group is in a race against time to overtake Sainsbury’s as the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Other supermarket chains that it competes with in the country include Morrisons and Tesco. The supermarket chain endeavours to be the biggest player in serving customers with excellent products at the cheapest rates in the country.

Asda Customer Services

Asda Customer Services

Although Asda is renowned around the country for running a successful supermarket chain, it has delved into other industries lately. For example, it has created a new branch or product called ASDA Money, which offers a wide range of services that include credit card, travel, motoring, life insurance, pet insurance and home insurance among others.

Through the credit card services that the company provides, customers are entitled to cashback regardless of where they shop. Under motoring services, customers in the United Kingdom are entitled to products that include Car & Van Insurance, Bike Insurance as well as Breakdown Cover. The Over 50s product prepares seniors for life in the old age after retirement.

Contacting ASDA Customer Service

If you need the assistance of Asda customer service regarding the credit card services, make a phone call to 0371 704 3369. Since the company’s Asda Money operations are divided into different categories or products, you need to check the contact phone numbers by visiting the official website, which is

The slogan under which the company operates is “Saving You Money Every Day”. The slogan is clearly demonstrated with the quality of customer services that the organization provides. The company provides online food shop services but also operates other products that include George Clothing, Groceries and George Home. Check each department’s contact details online.

Do not wallow in confusion and frustrations when a phone call to the company’s customer service office on designated telephone numbers will provide the assistance that you need.

ASDA Contact Tips

Everything that you want to know regarding how to contact customer service at Asda is available at their site. Therefore, you should visit the website to check the opening times before making your phone call and asking for assistance.

Argos Direct Phone

Argos is one of the most successful online retailers in the United Kingdom. The company makes 42 percent of its total sales online. The company created a successful model labeled ‘check and reserve’ way before other online retailers came up with their click and collect systems. It is such innovative solutions that have made the company earn the title of ‘King of multichannel’.

Since the company earns a huge chunk of its revenues online, it has invested time and money to update its official website. The company has made its website completely easy to use. It is now much easier to navigate through the website while searching for the product that you wish to purchase from this online retailer. Lately, the company has delved into other industries as well.

Argos Customer Services

Argos Direct Phone Number

Argos is the leading multichannel retailer in the United Kingdom. The retailer operates a successful business model that focuses on convenience and choice as well as value. Its main objective is meeting customer needs. It sells different types and brands of products through 755 retail stores spread around the United Kingdom.

The company also sells wide-ranging products through the mobile apps as well as its official website. The company now offers credit and insurance services in the country. It also allows customers to take advantage of the secure online shopping to buy whatever they want safely while not worrying about cybercriminals.

Argos Direct Phone Number For Customer Service

Whether you have questions regarding orders and delivery, stores and reservations, refunds and VAT or simply want to learn how to use the online store, feel free to contact Argos customer service for assistance. You can do this by calling the company on its Argos Direct Phone Number, 0345 640 2020, for questions that focus on the website and orders.

Where your questions have to do with general inquiries and the company’s stores, the customer service number to call for answers is 0345 640 3030. If you find the phone calls a bit cumbersome or costly, consider sending letters by regular mail. Alternatively, you might be better off writing and sending emails to customer service.

Argos Contact Tips

It is worth mentioning that customer service at Argos only operates 6 days each week. Therefore, you should only call from Monday to Friday. The customer service lines are on only between 8 am to 8 pm for the six days when the office is open. Expect the company to record and monitor the calls for either training or security purposes, thus the importance of exercising caution.

Argos Helpline

Argos is a leading digital retailer operating in the United Kingdom. The digital retailer sells more than 33,000 different products through its official website, It also conducts the sales through several increasingly popular mobile channels. The local retail stores offer one more platform through which the company sells its products.

The company now owns Argos TV, which it also uses in selling the thousands of products. It is one of the largest high-street online retailers in the United Kingdom too. Each year, the digital retailer’s website receives more than 430 million visits. With a network comprising 740 stores, it is little wonder that the retailer serves more than 130 million shoppers annually.

Argos Customer Services

Argos Helpline

The main service that customers in the United Kingdom and abroad can purchase from the company involves buying from a catalogue that contains more than 33,000 different products. As a subsidiary of Home Retail Group, it is little wonder that the company has followed the path of the parent organisation in selling the home as well as general merchandise.

The company is renowned for making shopping a much easier prospect for people with disabilities. It has done this by redesigning the brick and mortar stores. The company plays a crucial role in protecting the environment by recycling more than 91 percent of the waste that the business produces.

Contacting Argos Customer Service

If you struggle with disability, get in touch with the company for assistance with shopping simply by calling customer service on 0345 640 3030. Minicom service is available to customers who struggle with hearing and speech impairments on 0345 640 0755. For enquiries on home deliveries, get in touch with Argos on 0345 640 2020.

If you have enquiries that touch on the nearest store, do not hesitate to get in touch with the company by calling 0345 640 3030. Alternatively, you could also chat with the customer service advisor on the official website of this digital retailer. For the non-urgent issues, feel free to send an email by filling the web form that is available under the Contact Us section of their website and submitting.

Argos Contact Tips

The telephone number for the customer service team at Argos operates 7 days of the week from Monday to Sunday. Get in touch with the customer service between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, you should only get in touch with the customer service between 10 am and 6 pm. Do not express shock upon learning that the retailer records the phone calls, this is because it helps them serve you better.

Currys Helpline

Currys is the name of an electrical retailer that operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company is in the retail industry. It was founded in 1884. The headquarters of the electrical retailer is in Acton, London. Some of the goods for which the retailer is renowned in the country include white goods, telecommunications and information technology.

The electrical retailer sells different products through it’s 73 high-street stores in the country. It sells excellent household appliances as well as home electronics through close to 295 superstores located in the United Kingdom. The retailer introduced Currys Digital after rebranding all former Dixon Stores thus allowing smaller stores to trade under the new rebrand.

Currys Customer Services

Currys Helpline

Home electronics are all available for purchase at the hundreds of superstores and high-street stores that the company operates. Customers in the United Kingdom are also able to purchase a wide selection of household appliances that are available in the stores. The stores contain a wide range of machines that are great for food preservation as well as cooking and washing.

Telecommunication tools and gadgets are easily available for purchase in all the stores. Tools for information technology are in the stores as well. Customers can buy LED TVs as well as laptops and activity trackers. Cameras and vacuum cleaners are all in the stores. Some of the top brands whose electrical items the stores have include Sony, Bosch, Dyson and LG, among others.

Contacting Currys Customer Service

Do not hesitate to get in touch with customer service team at Currys concerning any issue that you want it to resolve. You can contact the team by calling 0344 561 0000 and a member of the sales team will answer your call. However, if you specifically want somebody from the customer service team to answer your call, dial 0344 561 1234.

Feel free to get in touch with customer service through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is all right to write and send an email to the customer service of the company through Writing and sending a letter through regular mail is the other method through which to inform customer service of your pressing issues.

Currys Contact Tips

The telephone number for technical support (0344 561 1234) is available 24/7. On the other hand, the telephone number for sales team operates from Monday-Friday between 8 am and 8 pm as well as 9am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Get in touch with customer service from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm on Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday.

Asda Helpline

Asda is a supermarket retailer that was founded in Great Britain but is now under the ownership of Walmart. The retailer began operating on February 19, 1949. The headquarters of the supermarket retailer is located at Asda House in Leeds. Currently, the retailer has employed a workforce of more than 180,000.

The company became a subsidiary of Walmart following a takeover that was worth more than £6.7 billion in 1999. By market share, the organisation operates the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. The supermarket retailer has also diversified its products and services to include mobile phones and financial services.

Asda Customer Services

Asda Helpline

The retailer owns and operates a chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It runs the chains of supermarket under a successful retail format. Recently, the organisation began providing customers with financial services in the UK. It has delved into mobile phones, which it operates using the existing network that EE owns in the United Kingdom.

Customers can buy groceries from the supermarket. It offers a platform through which customers are able to shop online. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available at the supermarket from as little as 50p. The supermarket began a foundation that endeavours to offer financial support to worthy causes, which include communities hit by disasters.

Contacting Asda Customer Service

If you want to contact Asda about groceries, the customer service telephone number through which to do this is 0800 952 6060. The supermarket retailer has various other departments. You should use the telephone number for the specific division of the retailer with whom you have an issue and need some solutions fast. Get in touch with the company through emails and web chats.

Asda Contact Tips

Calls made to Asda regarding any issue through BT landlines are free. If you call the supermarket retailer’s telephone numbers from other mobile networks or service providers in the UK, you will be charged the necessary call charges. The rates that the other mobile networks and service providers charge differ, thus the importance of checking such matters with them first.

Before placing the call, check the operating hours first. Some of the telephone numbers are available from Monday to Sunday the whole day and a few hours at night. Failure to ascertain such issues could mean a waste of time and money on your part by calling the company when the customer service is not operating. This is bad news when calling because of an emergency.

Argos Phone

Argos, which is a leading digital retailer in the United Kingdom, is a member of the Home Retail Group. It allows customers to buy from a catalogue that contains more than 33,000 different products through the official website. The company sells the products through mobile channels as well as stores.

The company is renowned for selling productions over the telephone. Customers can buy whatever they need from the company through its official TV channel. Where high street online retailers are concerned, the company is way ahead of the competition in the United Kingdom. Each year, the company receives more than 430 million visits to its official website.

Argos Customer Services

Argos Phone Number

The company has shown a willingness to come up with amazing products. For example, it has demonstrated a deep and warm concern for customers with disabilities. The company has set aside a special number that customers with disabilities can call for assistance with their shopping. The company also has an audio CD for customers who need help with shopping.

The online catalogue retailer has been in operation since 1973 when Richard Tompkins founded it. The company specializes in selling consumer goods online. The company has employed more than 51,000 workers to ensure that customers get the best service when buying online or through other avenues that it has established for them.

Contacting Argos Customer Service

It is possible for customers to encounter a few difficulties when shopping online. The fact that Argos specializes in selling consumer goods increases the challenges that buyers could face when shopping for such items online. To help such individuals and businesses, the catalogue retailer has put up some phone numbers that they can call for assistance.

The main customer service number that buyers can call and ask for assistance with home delivery or make general enquiries is 0345 640 2020. On the other hand, if you need help for your store enquiries, the customer service number to call and receive the right information is 0345 640 3030. Then again, send an email by filling the online form and submitting.

Argos Contact Tips

Before calling the customer service team at Argos, check their availability and opening times first. You will only find one of the members of the customer service team by calling between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. If you have to contact customer service team on Sunday, make the call between 10 am and 6 pm so that you can receive help from a company rep.

Currys Phone

Currys is an electrical retailer that operates in the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. The company sells electrical appliances from several top brands around the world. For example, you can find appliances from brands such as Samsung, Hotpoint, LG, Dyson and Bosch. Other brands whose appliances you can buy here include Sony, Panasonic and Beko.

The company has more than 295 superstores. It also has around 73 high street stores. Since 2006, the company has opened several smaller stores that trade in the United Kingdom, but under the Currys Digital brand. The company has been operating since its founding in 1884. It has put up main offices at Acton, London. The company has more than 10,700 employees in all their branches.

Currys Customer Services

Currys Phone Number

Some of the products that have made the company known all over the United Kingdom include white goods. Other products that it sells are for companies that specialize in providing telecom as well as Information Technology services. Regardless of the electrical appliances that customers buy from the company, they are guaranteed of free delivery on all orders.

Customers can reserve the electrical appliances that they want to buy online and collect from the stores a few minutes later. The company delivers and installs electrical appliances to customers who need these services 7 days every week. The flexible payment option is available for customers who prefer spreading the cost of buying an electrical appliance.

Contacting Currys Customer Service

The customer service number to call for clarifications or to make sales enquiries and ask about Care Plans is 0344 561 0000. By calling this number, you will be able to speak with a member of the customer service or sales team. On the other hand, if you are only interested in asking questions regarding customer service or care plans only, then call 0344 561 1234.

The know-how team is for customers who have difficulties or issues with any of the electrical appliances that they purchased from the catalogue retailer. Know-how team is accessible through 0344 561 1234. The know-how team will provide the technical support that you need for all the products you purchase from the retailer.

Currys Contact Tips

The number to call when in need of answers regarding customer service, sales and care plans are available between 8 am and 8 pm, 9 am and 6 pm and 10am-5pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. The specific number of customer service and care plans operate from 8am-8pm, 8am-6pm and 9am-6pm on Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Asda Phone

Since 1999, Asda has been one of the subsidiaries of Walmart although the supermarket chain operates in the United Kingdom. The supermarket chain sells a wide selection of products that include general merchandise, financial services, food, clothing and toys. The supermarket chain began operating Asda Mobile, specifically for mobile phone services, on November 25, 2013.

The supermarket chain is the second largest in the United Kingdom based on market share. The supermarket chain has been successful largely because of marketing itself as the lowest priced supermarket in the country. Customers have responded to this marketing slogan with their money thus helping make the supermarket chain the second largest in the country.

Asda Customer Services

Asda Phone Number

The company operates a chain of supermarket retail stores in the United Kingdom. In addition to this, it has also begun diversifying into other products and services. `For example, the company has now diversified into financial services as well as mobile phone services. The mobile phone services use the already existing network provided by EE.

The company owns several types of stores. For example, it owns supercenters, supermarkets and superstores. Each type of store has unique characteristics and attractions. The company launched a new format in October 2003. The company baptized the new format Asda Living and was the first general merchandise store that it created. You can buy groceries and frozen foods here.

Contacting Asda Customer Service

Asda has several departments or businesses. For this reason, the supermarket chain has more than one customer service number to call when in need of assistance or some clarification. For example, if your questions have to do with groceries, the customer service number to call and obtain assistance is 0800 952 6060. Sending regular email for enquiries is also much welcome.

The supermarket chain cares about the welfare of customers who struggle with hearing and speech impairments. Proof that it cares is available through the text phone service that the supermarket chain introduced for such customers. The textphone number to use in communicating with customer service representative and asking for assistance is 0800 068 3003.

Asda Contact Tips

In the United Kingdom, calls made to numbers that begin with 0800 are usually free. On the other hand, whether you pay or do not pay for calling such numbers depends on the landline or mobile phone service that you are using. Some networks and service providers charge customers for placing calls to the numbers that begin with 0800 while others consider these toll free numbers.

Currys Customer Service


About Currys

This is a UK based electrical retailer which is owned by Dixons and deals in home electronics and household appliances. The company boasts around three hundred superstores and more than seventy high street stores in the UK and Ireland. The founder of Currys was Henry Curry who opened the first shop in the year 1888. By the year 1897, he entered into a partnership with his sons and renamed the company, H. Curry & Sons. By the year 1927, the business had flourished and acknowledged enough to be floated in the stock market for the first time. Around this time and during the first century the shop merchandise consisted of mainly;
a) Bicycles
b) Toys
c) Radios
d) Gramophones
However, in the year 1932, this company pulled out of cycle manufacturing with the closing of Leicester factor. However, it continued with the retail of the Hercules bikes till the 1960s.

About Currys Customer Service

Those customers and buyers who need to get in touch with Currys Customer Service they can make use of the options below;
1. For queries concerning the sales, customer service and care plans they should dial 0344 561 0000 to speak to a member of sales team
2. The contact number for customer service and care plan support is 0344 561 1234
3. These customers and buyers can always choose to email at
4. Those customers or buyers who prefer the traditional mode of communication or do not have the access to the internet can write to;
Currys, PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA
5. For queries or problems concerning the products, the number to dial is 0344 561 1234
6. Those customers and buyers who have the access to the internet can always visit the corporate pages on the social marketing websites which include;

Currys Customer Service tips

Those customers and buyers who need to get in touch with Currys Customer Service need to keep in mind the following;
In order for the company to give prompt and efficient solutions to the queries or the problems put forward the customers must make sure to provide details pertaining to;
a) Name
b) Postcode
c) Phone number
d) Order number (when applicable)
e) Other purchase details

ARGOS Customer Service

ARGOS Overview

Argos is a UK based retailer that operates as the largest store of the country. Established in 1972 the store is headquartered in Buckinghamshire England. The store also has manpower of 50000 employees that are dedicated to provide the services at all corners of the country. It is followed by ASDA as the second largest store of UK. In 2010 the store rebranded itself and the overall website was also revamped to increase the consumer experience. It also makes sure that shopping with Argos is simpler and made easy. It is a part of BAT industries that overtook it in 1998. Argos also operates and maintains numerous online brands that are famous all over the world. Home base also works as a sister company of Argos and was taken over by BAT industries the same year. When alone Argos operated at the London stock exchange but now it is represented as a part of BAT industries and traded accordingly. More information can be gathered from ARGOS customer service.

ARGOS Customer Services

Argos has a strong chain of 737 stores that operate to make sure that the best is provided to all the customers that visit. The strength of the store can be judged by the fact that in 2013 the total number that visited the Argos website counted to 340 million and it has also been estimated that about 96% of total population of UK lives within 10 miles radius of Argos store branch. Argos also operates a business of Argos credit cards and in this regard has partnered Vanquis bank UK. The information about the services is also available with ARGOS customer service.

Contacting ARGOS Customer Service 

ARGOS customer service can be accessed by calling 0843 504 1569. The total number of the item about which the information can be obtained is 30000 and it is also to be noted that the best service is given to all the customers who visit the helpline as Argos customer service is also rated high in this regard. Each and every customer service agent also makes sure that the customers are satisfied in full before they hang up the call and for the same reason it is advised to contact them to get the issues resolved.

ARGOS Additional info

ARGOS customer service is available from 9 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and on weekends the service is available from 9 AM to 6 PM. The website of the company is and the online form there also helps the customers to get the issues resolved.