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Amazon Contact Number

Amazon is one of the leading companies that provide Internet selling services. The company runs a website where customers can log in to and buy the items that they want. Some of the items that are available for purchase from the website include new books as well as used and new textbooks. General merchandise is also available for purchase from the website.

The company has several alternate names. It owns several subsidiaries that include, MyHabit, Books Inc, Inc and Amazon Export Sales Inc among others. The corporation has now grown into one of the leading globally with a wide collection of different products and services.

Amazon Customer Services

Amazon Contact Number

The company not only specializes in e-commerce but also cloud computing services. In the United States, it is the largest online-based company. The company provides a platform,, where people from all over the world can buy different types of products and services. The company is the largest Cloud Infrastructure Services (IaaS) provider in the world.

The products and services that are available for purchase from include jewellery, gardening items, kitchen items as well as health and personal care goods. One of the company’s most popular products is Amazon Kindle – a platform for reading eBooks. The company has come up with innovative products for buying digital content.

Amazon Contact Number Customer Service

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Amazon customer service in case of a problem that you have with a product or quality of service received from its website. If you have complaints to report regarding the company’s advertising or sales, billing and collection as well as delivery, call the customer service on phone or use the Help page that is at the company’s official website.

The good news about the company is that it has established an office for handling complaints. Feel free to call this office and ask for assistance. You should call the company on its freephone number of 0800 496 1081 with all your general inquiries in the United Kingdom. If your inquiries have to do with Kindle, call the company on 0800 496 2449.

Amazon Contact Tips

The good thing about calling Amazon Contact Number is that the company’s agent calls you back in case your call is cut off for any reason. Therefore, you should enter the accurate number at through which the customer service agent will call you back immediately or after 5 minutes.

If you are calling from a mobile phone, check the call charges with your service provider first.

ASOS Contact Number UK

ASOS is a company in the United Kingdom that specializes in selling clothing and fashion accessories online. The company serves customers from different parts of the world. However, most of its customers are in United Kingdom, United States, Russia and other countries in Europe. The company is one of the leading online retailers for men’s and women’s clothes.

Each month, the company’s website serves more than 21.3 million customers. The online store stocks and sells more than 850 brands. In addition to this, the online store carries more than 50,000 branded products, which include its own. In the past, the company had a feature on its Facebook page that made it easier to order without leaving the social media platform.

ASOS Services

ASOS Contact Number UK

The company is renowned for serving its customers with excellent products and services. For example, customers periodically find multiple promotions on the company’s online store. To qualify for the promotions, you need to have purchased any of the company’s membership packages. For example, you could purchase the 3-month Premier Membership.

The company is renowned for some of the most cost-effective policies where shipping is concerned. This stems from the fact that the company is one of the premier international clothing retailers, thus has to use shipping couriers around the world to guarantee timely delivery of orders to customers in different countries.

Contacting ASOS Customer Service

The best place to obtain assistance from the ASOS Contact Number UK customer service team is the official company website. Check under and see the different ways you can obtain help from customer service to any problem that you have with the company’s products and services.

Currently, the company handles all questions and complaints online through its official website. If you find this avenue insufficient, get in touch with the company through its social media accounts, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Sending an email to the customer service team is an option that the company extends to all its customers from anywhere in the world as well.

However, if you prefer getting assistance via the phone, call the company on 44 843 504 7182.

ASOS Contact Tips

Since ASOS operates 24 hours each day, 7 days every week, you can contact its customer service team any day or hour. Moreover, the company is on the verge of expanding its live chat service to serve more customers. Once the call goes through, never forget to press option 1 for a chance to speak with a member of the customer care team. Option 2 takes you through to the head office.

eBay Customer Service UK

Without any doubt, eBay is now the leading auction site in the world. Not only is it the best known, but also most trusted auction site in the world today. The company has grown exponentially primarily because of its focus on winning the trust of sellers and buyers. The site has also succeeded because of an interface that is one of the easiest to use.

The auction site has created a platform that has enabled users around the world to establish their own businesses. Moreover, it has the most features of all auction sites ahead of a list that includes ePier and eBid among others. The site has a membership of more than 100 million, thus making it highly attractive to prospective sellers.

eBay Customer Service UK

eBay Customer Service UK

eBay provides a platform through which buyers and sellers interact. PayPal is the most reliable method of payment, but also one of the many that the site allows buyers and sellers to use. Other forms of payment that the company accepts and encourages customers to use include Skrill, Escrow, credit cards, debit cards and ProPay among others.

The site has created an avenue that allows the selling and buying of almost any item imaginable under the earth to take place. Through this platform, you can buy used or brand new items. You can also make great savings by finding your preferred items at discounted rates. The site gives sellers the right to determine return policy, shipment options and the methods of payment.

Contacting eBay Customer Service

Regardless of the issue or complaint that you have with eBay, use its customer service number to ask for and obtain assistance. The company is ready to provide support for most issues through the phone. To get the phone number to use in contacting customer service, you have to sign in to your account. You will get a passcode together with the phone number.

The phone number that you should use to get in touch with eBay customer service the UK is 0871 434 4947. If the issue that requires the intervention of a customer service agent has to do with the account, check that you are the bona fide account holder before proceeding with the call. The company also runs the IP-Relay service for customers with speech and hearing impairments.

eBay Contact Tips

Feel free to contact eBay customer service UK any day of the week from Monday to Sunday. To receive assistance with your most troubling issue, make the call between 5 am and 10 pm PT any day from Monday to Sunday. For further information on the options that you should use to contact the company, visit

Groupon Customer Service

The main objective of Groupon is to provide customers around the world with the best shopping experience.  The company’s mission is to become the commerce operating system of the world. It uses price and delivery to connect buyers and sellers. The company has sold more than 1 billion deals, which it refers to as Groupon. The company is worth around $13 billion today.

The average customer spends around $155 on the deals that the company offers. The company operates a daily deal service, which customers are able to use for purchasing vouchers and coupons or discounts. The company has been providing this service since 2008 when it launched. In the US alone, it runs the most visited coupon site.

Groupon Services

Groupon Customer Service

The company offers discounts that enable users to save as much as 50 percent on products and services from different merchants. From each successful transaction, the company takes 50 percent. The company provides daily discount coupons to customers through Twitter, Facebook, and emails. The discounts favor buyers, but also help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

You can use the discount deals that you get from Groupon at national or local companies. The company provides a marketing service that benefits sellers who want to advertise their products and services to a larger audience through discounts. Most of the deals that the company provides focus on stores, local restaurants, regional products, and events.

Contacting Groupon Customer Service

Visit for more information regarding how to get in touch with Groupon customer service. Get in touch with the company regarding a purchase. The avenues available for any customer who wants to contact the company about a purchase include phone calls, emails, and live chat, which you can do right on the official website.

However, if you prefer calling customer service, the number to dial through your mobile phone or landline is 020 3510 0444. Call this number for information regarding where your voucher is. Call the customer service number for help redeeming your ‘Feelunique’ codes. Call the customer service number to find out the location of your item.

Groupon customer service Contact Tips

The customer service lines at Groupon remain open from Monday to Saturday. Between Monday and Friday, you can only call the company from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturday, the Groupon customer service lines are open between 9 am and 6 pm. You will wait longer in the morning for a customer service advisor to pick your call and provide solutions. For faster service, call from 12pm-6pm.


Tesco Mobile Customer Services

Tesco is a product of Tesco, which is the leading chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Tesco was the first supermarket chain to delve into the mobile industry. The company has done well in this industry, especially after introducing the capping option to help customers who need to monitor their bills and ensure that nothing gets out of hand.

The mobile company has now introduced 4G bundles to its UK customers. It has several tariffs and plans. It has a wide range of phones and devices to buy. Its customer service is one of the best. By subscribing to the company’s packages, you have a good chance of getting value for money.

Tesco Mobile Customer Services

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

The company provides 4G services at no additional cost. With this company, you are assured of receiving only accurate bills. You can transfer the Clubcard points that you get from buying different items at Tesco with the mobile plans or tariffs. The 4G tariffs make it much easier to download different maps, photos, music, and videos faster.

The moment you subscribe to Tesco Mobile, begin racking up as many Tesco Clubcard points as possible. The website allows you to link the mobile and Clubcard accounts. In addition to the 4G coverage, the company also provides the 2G and 3G network. Therefore, you can check the coverage first before using any suitable network.

Contacting Tesco Mobile Customer Service

If you subscribe to the Pay As You Go plan with Tesco Mobile, learn how to contact customer service by visiting Nonetheless, feel free to contact customer service on 0345 300 6660 and ask for technical support. Call the number if you need technical support as a Pay Monthly customer.

For customers who have yet to subscribe to any of the mobile company’s plans or tariffs, the Tesco Mobile customer service number to call is 0345 301 4455. Direct all inquiries regarding Pay As You Go returns to 0800 323 4050. Alternatively, where your inquiries have to do with Pay Monthly sales, let the customer service staff handle these by calling them on 0800 433 4990.

Tesco Mobile Contact Tips

The email service is for customers who need solutions to problems that do not require urgent solutions. Nonetheless, Tesco Mobile responds to all emails within 24 hours of receiving them. A phone call represents the fastest way of getting in touch with customer service, and you should choose this option for all the urgent matters. Be ready with your account details when calling.

EBay Helpline

For close to 20 years, eBay has provided the world with a platform through which to buy and sell online. Shoppers can buy and sell anything that they want through this online platform. Shoppers have benefited greatly from the e-commerce site that has won plenty of admiration from all over the world for the secure transactions that take place.

Currently, the company is home to more than 159 million customers who buy and sell actively. The company has provided more than 800 million live listings of various types of items. The company is popular with shoppers who want to buy new or old items or pay great rates for luxurious as well as common, rare and plain items.

eBay Customer Services

EBay Helpline

Globally, the company is now in the list of Top 10 Retail Brands. Buyers from more than 190 countries around the world are able to purchase whatever they need from the company through the official website – The shopping experience that customers find on the website enables the creation of increased personal, professional and economic opportunities.

The multinational corporation runs other businesses that include eBay Classifieds Group, StubHub, and among others. Nonetheless, the main service for which the company is renowned all over the world is the provision of sales services from consumer to consumer as well as business to the consumer through the Internet.

Contacting eBay Customer Service

The best way to receive assistance from customer service is by opening an account on the official website of the company. After opening the account, sign in and get in touch with customer service every time you have an issue or complaint that needs quick solving. The retailer has a section on the website called Answer Center where help from other members is available.

eBay Contact Tips

It is important to contact the buyer or seller regarding any issue or question that you have before getting in touch with customer service at eBay. If you prefer getting in touch with the retailer first, make sure that all your personal details are in place. The personal details that are mandatory include user IDs, item numbers and dates of transactions or communication with seller/buyer.

The contact options are dependent on the specific issue or question for which you desire to get in touch with the company. For the fastest solutions, you should go to the Help & Contact section on the official website and look for the tab labelled Contact eBay. The company has different customer service teams, which all have different contact phone numbers.

Amazon Helpline Inc is simply known as Amazon and is an American company that provides e-commerce as well as cloud computing services around the world. The headquarters of the company are in Seattle, Washington. Jeff Bezos founded the company on July 5, 1994. Initially, the company focused purely on operating as an online bookstore.

With time, the company has diversified through various stages of its history. It is now a producer of consumer electronics. It sells specific low-end products that include USBs. The firm is renowned for some of the best international shipping services that it provides to customers who purchase specific types of products.

Amazon Helpline

Amazon Helpline

Some of the consumer electronics that the company produces include Fire Phone, Fire TV, Fire Tablets and Amazon Kindle, which is for reading eBooks. Globally, it is the largest provider of IaaS, which refers to cloud computing services. The company sells baby products in addition to apparel and beauty products. You will find numerous toys and games too.

Customers who need kitchen items, scientific supplies, industrial supplies, health as well as personal care items and groceries can get them from the company’s official website. Sporting goods, lawn and gardening supplies, automotive items, jewellery and watches are available in plenty for purchase from the company. You can buy musical instruments as well.

Contacting Amazon Customer Service Helpline

You can get in touch with customer service at Amazon by visiting the official website and going to the Contact Us section. Once there, you need to choose the issue for which assistance is necessary. In this regard, feel free to ask for help with an order that you placed for Fire and Kindle, digital services or Prime. Seek assistance for any issue or complaint.

The best and most effective way of getting in touch with the company is opening an account and signing in using it. This way, the customer service team or advisor handling your issue already has enough information to provide the most accurate and relevant solutions. With the online account, you never have to worry whether the telephone calls will go through or not.

Amazon Contact Helpline Tips

Before getting in touch with Amazon’s customer service, check that your Order Number is accurate. The company prefers handling issues raised by people who have already placed orders. In case you do not have an order number, then select or state the issue for which you need assistance clearly so that the contact person knows how to help you.

ASOS Helpline refers to an online store operating in Great Britain. The store specialises in selling fashion and beauty products online. All the products at the store are aimed at the young adults. The online store contains fashion and beauty products from more than 850 brands. In addition to products from other brands, the online retailer also has an in-house range of clothes and accessories.

Currently, the online retailer has net assets that are worth more than £237.3 million. The retailer is a global leader where online fashion and beauty is concerned. It has created several websites that target specific markets. For example, there is a different website for China, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, USA, Australia, UK and Russia.

ASOS Customer Services

ASOS Helpline

The retailer stocks and sells fashion as well as beauty products online. Some of the products that customers are able to purchase from the online retailer include womenswear and menswear. Other products that the young adults, who are the target market for this online retailer, can buy include jewellery, accessories and footwear. Some of the top brands are New Look and Jack Wills.

The company is renowned for focusing on ethical trading as well as sustainable sourcing and animal welfare. These principles have helped endear it to like-minded customers. The retailer sells own-label fashion and beauty products. All the fashion and beauty products that are available from the online retailer sell at affordable rates.

Contacting ASOS Customer Service

The most popular and highly effective avenue through which to get in touch with some fashion and beauty experts at ASOS is Live Chat. To enjoy the live chat services, customers have to visit the official website, sign in and wait for the appropriate experts to respond. For the most part, the advisor will initiate the chat by asking how to help the customer.

Social media platforms such as Twitter are available for customers who want to seek help from the company regarding an order. The Twitter handle that you should use when in need of help from the customer service team is @ASOS_HeretoHelp. Ask any question or pressing the issue that you have through the Twitter handle.

ASOS Contact Tips

It is worth noting that the Live Chat will mostly attract help from ASOS stylists. The stylists are often unable to address any of the concerns that a customer might have regarding customer service. The good news is that Live Chat is available from Monday to Friday but only between 9 am and 8 pm.

Groupon Helpline

Groupon is an e-commerce company that operates all over the world. It provides a marketplace where subscribers can connect with local merchants. The connection between subscribers and local merchants hinges on the available activities, goods and services as well as travel. The company now has a presence in more than 45 countries around the world.

The services that the e-commerce company provides are popular with more than 48.1 million registered users who are active around the world. Currently, the company serves the needs of registered users in more than 500 cities around the world. Globally, the company features more than 425,000 active deals.

Groupon Customer Services

Groupon Helpline

The e-commerce company is renowned for coupons that enable customers to find better deals and enjoy great discounts. Without these coupons, customers would normally have to pay the normal rates. The company has a mobile app that is available on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android and iPhones where users can browse and purchase deals.

Daily local deals are the products that have given the e-commerce company the global reputation that it has today. In addition to such products, the company has now delved into other channels that include Groupon Getaways for vacation packages, Groupon Live for discounted tickets for events and Groupon Goods, which specialises in discounted merchandise.

Contacting Groupon Customer Service

Customer service at Groupon is reachable through various methods. First, you can get in touch via telephone calls and email. Regular mail would also suffice when you have an issue that requires the intervention of the customer service. Alternatively, you can fill the online support form and submit your details to customer service.

If you prefer getting in touch through emails, create and send one to This method is the quickest and you should have your answer from customer service in around 30 minutes after submitting the email. You could also fill the online form, which is available on the official website under the Contact Us section. An online call-back service is a good option too.

Groupon Contact Tips

Before getting in touch with Groupon through the contact details for customer service, it is important to remember the company’s opening hours. The company has headquarters in Illinois, which is in the UTC-6 time zone. For this reason, always have the time zone and operating hours in mind especially if you prefer making a telephone call.

Call the customer service between 9 am and 5 pm Central Time from Monday to Friday. The merchant support telephone number operates only between 8am-7pm from Monday to Friday.

Tesco Clubcard Helpline

Tesco Clubcard refers to a loyalty card issued by Tesco, which is one of the leading supermarket chains operating in Great Britain. The loyalty card is available in countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is also available for users in the Czech Republic as well as Poland and Hungary in addition to many other countries.

The loyalty card has proven highly successful and extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Thus far, it has attracted the interest of more than 15 million customers or registered users in the UK alone. The loyalty card entered the market following a request by Terry Leahy to the marketing team at Tesco to examine the potential of such reward schemes.

Tesco Clubcard Customer Services

Tesco Clubcard Helpline

The Clubcard scheme has provided users with an opportunity to use it in wide-ranging places. The places where the loyalty card has proved helpful to users include all Tesco stores, as well as Tesco Direct and Tesco Bank. The Tesco petrol stations in addition to Marriott Hotels are other establishments where users can flash out their loyalty card and benefit from discounts.

Through the loyalty card, users will have no problem deriving the most out of Tesco and all the subsidiaries that it owns. Each time a shopper uses or scans the loyalty card, he earns points. He will continue earning points until they reach 150. Afterwards, the card issuer will convert the points into vouchers, which users are free to spend online or in-store and on fuel.

Contacting Tesco Clubcard Customer Service

You can get in touch with customer service at Tesco Clubcard through emails, regular mails and phone calls. To send your questions or complaints via email, you will need to visit the official website and fill in the online form. If you prefer sending the complaints through regular mail, visit the official website to get the postal address under the Contact Us section.

For people who prefer getting in touch with customer service through phone calls, the telephone numbers to dial are 0800 591 688 and 0330 123 1688. For users with questions regarding Clubcard Boost, the telephone numbers to dial would be 0808 100 0707 as well as 0330 123 0707.

Tesco Clubcard Contact Tips

The telephone calls made to the 0800 and 0808 numbers are free, but only if you call from BT landlines. The telephone calls to the numbers that begin with 0330 attract local rates, especially if you call from other mobile phones and service providers. The lines are open from 8am-8pm and 8am-6pm between Monday-Friday and Saturday respectively.