British Gas Contact

British Gas is the largest energy supplier in the United Kingdom. It supplies gas and electricity to more than 11 million homes in the country. The energy industry in the country is dominated by Six Corporations. However, this company is only one of two that is not only based in Great Britain but also in the hands of British owners.

The company is one of the subsidiaries of Centrica. Currently, the company is in the process of rolling out millions of smart meters to the customers that it serves in the UK. Remarkably, the company rolled out 1 million smart meters way before the official rollout commenced. One of the reasons for the company’s popularity in the UK is the no-exit-fee tariffs.

British Gas Customer Services

British Gas Contact Number

The company supplies energy to more than 11 million homes in the United Kingdom. It also provides energy to 500,000 businesses around the country. The company has developed a product called ‘Homecare’ through which it provides wide-ranging services. One such service under Homecare is Boiler Cover.

The Boiler Cover not only incorporates the boiler but also includes the controls as well as the central heating system. The company allows customers to choose their preferred boiler cover. The options that you can choose include Homecare One, Homecare Two, Homecare Three, and Homecare Four. Choose the option that protects plumbing, electrics, heating and boiler best.

Contacting British Gas Customer Service

If you have an account-related query, do not hesitate to get in touch with British Gas Contact Number. Direct your account-related inquiries to the company by calling customer service office on 0800 048 0202. If you struggle with speech and hearing impairments, use the textphone service that the company provides by dialling 18001 0800 072 8626.

Feel free to call the company from any location outside the United Kingdom by dialling +44 113 298 0900 and requesting to speak with customer service. Do not forget that customer service operates at specific times each day. From Monday to Friday, the opening times are between 8 am and 8 pm. On Saturday, the opening times are between 8 am and 6 pm.

British Gas Contact Tips

If you are a BT customer, the calls you make to the 0800 numbers to speak with British Gas customer service team are free. BT customers pay 4 pence per minute when calling the British Gas Contact numbers that begin with 0845. However, you should be ready to pay varying call charges when calling from a different mobile phone or other networks. Ask the service provider about the call charges.


EDF Energy Contact

Based on income alone, EDF Energy is the largest energy supplier in the United Kingdom. The company supplies energy to more than 5.5 million homes as well as businesses in the country. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, which is a French-stated owned company and one of the largest energy firms in Europe.

The company generates 20 percent of the electricity need for residential and commercial purpose in the United Kingdom. The company came into existence in 2003 following the merger between three companies, which were Sweb, London Energy, and SEE Board. The company purchased British Energy, which generates nuclear power, in 2009.

EDF Energy Customer Services

EDF Energy Contact Number

The energy that the company supplies to customers around the country is from nuclear, coal, renewable and gas. It also obtains energy from other sources before supplying this to customers in the United Kingdom. The company supplies the energy that enables homes, businesses and large organizations to continue running smoothly.

It has developed different tariffs that customers who need energy in their houses can apply for and enjoy. The three common tariffs for residential use include Blue Price Promise, Blue Price Freeze, and Blue Fixed Prepay. Each tariff has unique features, pros, and cons. Therefore, you should review the full benefits of your preferred package before paying for it.

Contacting EDF Energy Customer Service

You can contact customer service at EDF Energy by phone or email and request for help with your energy tariff. For example, if you have a prepayment meter and have subscribed to the Pay As You Go plan, feel free to submit your queries by calling customer service on 0800 015 1733. If you are outside the UK, let the company know your dilemma through +44 (0) 1138 207 117 EDF Energy contact number.

Do not hesitate to visit for more information on the best options to use in informing the company your problem. In this section of the website, fill in your details under the section marked email and submit. The moment you open the Contact Us section of the website, a Live Chat box will appear. Use it too.

EDF Energy Contact Tips

All calls that you make to EDF Energy contact number lines through the mobile phones and BT landlines in the United Kingdom are free. However, expect to pay the relevant call charges if you opt to call from other networks or phone companies. Before calling, check the opening times, which are between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturdays.

E.ON Phone Number

E.ON is one of the largest gas and electricity companies in the United Kingdom. The company retails electricity all over the country. It also retails power and gas in the country. The company is one of the subsidiaries of E.ON Group. It has a workforce of more than 12,000 in the United Kingdom alone. Worldwide, the company has a workforce of more than 79,000.

Currently, the company supplies more than 5 million homes and offices with gas and electricity around the country. The company operates several oil and coal-based power stations. It also obtains a big chunk of renewable energy from sources such as water and the wind. Currently, the company owns 21 wind farms in addition to a dedicated biomass plant located at Lockerbie.

E.ON Services

E.ON Phone Number

Small to medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom have the option of choosing their preferred gas and electricity tariff. The options range from 1 year, 2-year or 3-year energy plans. The beauty of the fixed energy plans that the company offers is that the prices remain intact for the duration of the contract. You will never have to worry about mid-term price increases.

Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from the company’s expertise and learn how to manage their energy use. The company helps SMEs auto-rollover from fixed energy plans. The company has created a platform that makes it easier for SMEs to pay bills online or submit meter readings thus guaranteeing that they only receive accurate bills.

Contacting E.ON Customer Service

If you do not understand anything about the fixed energy plans for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with customer service team at E.ON for further explanation. You can do this through phone calls. The EON phone number to call is 0333 202 4586. Once the call goes through, a customer service advisor will pick it up and provide answers to your energy-related problems.

The company has several other customer service numbers for handling specific issues or problems that you encounter. Therefore, you should visit to learn more about the numbers to call depending on the issue that you want the company’s customer service team to handle.

E.ON Contact Tips

The customer service number at E.ON for questions regarding fixed energy plans for your business operates between Monday and Friday. To speak with a customer service advisor, make the call between 8 am and 6 pm. Do not call the EON phone number over the weekend or during bank and public holidays in the United Kingdom.

Npower Customer Services

The demand for gas and electricity is huge all over the United Kingdom. One company that seeks to address this demand is nPower. The company specializes in supplying gas and electricity to millions of homes and businesses all over the country. More than that, the company also provides maintenance and replacement services in homes with boiler problems.

The company is one of the many subsidiaries that RWE Group owns. The company operates several power stations around the country that run on gas, biomass, oil or coal. The gas and electricity supplier obtains most of its fuel from natural gas, coal, renewable, nuclear and other sources in that order.

Npower Customer Services

nPower Customer Services

The gas and electricity company is an award-winning supplier of energy to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. The company provides businesses around the country with advice on the best use of energy to avoid wastages. It also provides businesses with advice to help them purchase energy at the best rates. For this, the company has created several energy tariffs.

The gas and electricity supplier has come up with several powerful tools that customers can use to manage and monitor their energy use efficiency. Risk Navigator is the powerful online tool that the company created for this purpose. Through this web-based service, can easily access market news the exact moment it breaks.

Contacting Npower Customer Service

If your account has some problems that you feel need the attention of Npower customer service, do not hesitate to call. The number to use for such situations is 0800 316 0617. On the other hand, if your contract has a problem, do not hesitate to get in touch with customer service office by calling it on 0800 316 0103. There is nothing wrong in sending emails as well.

You should visit to find more information and alternatives on the customer service numbers to call depending on the exact nature of the problem that it should handle. Therefore, call customer service office to inform it of loss of supply, problems with meter reading or when moving premises among others.

nPower Contact Tips

After calling nPower, always ask for Customer Relationship Manager who handles your account. The phone numbers are on only between 8.30am and 5.30pm from Monday to Thursday, as well as 8.30am-5pm on Fridays. You will pay nothing for calling the 0800 numbers from any mobile or landline in the UK, although you should check the charges with your landline provider.

Scottish Gas Homecare Contact Phone

Scottish Gas Homecare refers to an insurance product that the company created for customers who need boiler maintenance and repair services. The product also caters for customers who require help with boiler replacement services. Customers can obtain personalized quotes by calling Scottish Gas on its official contact number.

The Homecare product has proven highly popular with property owners in different parts of the United Kingdom. Property owners whose portfolio includes up to ten properties can sign up for this service and use one simple plan to take care of the needs of all their tenants. Scottish Gas has created different packages for customers who need its Homecare product.

Scottish Gas Homecare Services

Scottish Gas Homecare

The Homecare can be a costly item. To reduce the costs, you have to purchase the correct insurance plan for the boiler. The central heating system also needs the right insurance plan. It is highly advised that you speak regularly with the annual service engineer. By taking these steps, you can look forward to a highly beneficial Homecare plan.

Repairing, replacing or undertaking maintenance works on your boiler can be costly, especially when these needs arise when your finances are in disarray. Fortunately, with the help of Scottish Gas, you are assured of excellent care services for your boiler system. If need be, you could be the recipient of a new boiler to replace the damaged or malfunctioning system.

Contacting Scottish Gas Customer Service

Scottish Gas has a customer service office that you should contact for help. For example, you can contact the office when planning to switch from your existing Homecare package to one you feel is better suited to your needs. If your boiler has a problem, do not delay contacting the customer service office for assistance.

If you are an existing Homecare customer, the number that you should call to obtain help from the customer service office is 0800 048 1000. However, where your boiler needs one-off repairs only, dial 0800 000 999 for an opportunity to speak with the customer service office and receive more information or quotes for the type of services that is required.

Scottish Gas Contact Tips

Any call that you make regarding Scottish Gas Homecare customer service number listed above will cost you nothing. This holds true only when you call from mobile phones and landlines in the United Kingdom. Some service providers might charge access fees for using these services. Therefore, confirm with your service provider before calling Scottish Gas.

Southern Electric Phone Contact

Southern Electric is a gas and electricity supplier in the United Kingdom. The company supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the country. The company, together with others, is a subsidiary of SSE. The gas and electricity company supplies homes and businesses located in regions such as South West, South East, Southern, London, and Eastern.

The gas and electricity company obtains most of its energy from coal, natural gas, renewable, others and nuclear in that order. The renewable sources of its energy include solar power, hydro and wind. The company has a reputation for providing affordable plans and tariffs to gas and electricity customers in the country.

Southern Electric Customer Services

Southern Electric Phone Number

Southern Electric has an online shop where you can buy any gas or electricity product that you want. The online shop stocks different types of electrical items worth buying for your home or business. The beauty of buying from the online shop is that you enjoy free delivery of the electrical item to your preferred destination anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Through the online shop, you can upgrade your electrical appliances from one that seems inefficient to an alternative energy-saving model. The online shop is a bevvy of the state-of-the-art eco products. From the online shop, you can purchase a gadget that pleases your eyes. You can order heating and wiring services from the company as well.

Contacting Southern Electric Customer Service

Visit for information on how to contact customer service regarding the gas and electricity products and services that Southern Electric provides. The southern electric phone number to call for all the general inquiries that you have regarding any aspect of the gas and electricity services that the company offers is 0800 980 8476.

However, in the case of emergencies, click on the link above for information regarding the number to call. If you want to switch from your current gas and electricity supplier to this company, check the right information on the link posted above. If you are moving house or simply want to give the customer service agent your meter reading, learn what to do from the link above.

Southern Electric Contact Tips

All the Southern Electric phone number that they provide for accessing its customer service department cost nothing to call. This is because the 0800 numbers fall within the freephone services that the company provides. Therefore, you can call these customer service numbers at any time over any issue without worrying about call charges. However, confirm with your service provider first.

British Gas Helpline

British Gas is a company that supplies homes and businesses with gas and electricity in the United Kingdom. The company operates from various headquarters located all over the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Centrica. It is the largest supplier of energy in the United Kingdom.

The company is one of the Big Six firms in the country that have dominated the gas and electricity industry. It has evolved into a major player in the utility industry. Currently, the energy company is responsible for providing more than 12 million homes in the country with gas and electricity in addition to other types of home services.

British Gas Customer Services

British Gas Helpline

Some of the home services that the company provides include one-off repairs and covers for homes. Covers for Landlords are also part of the home services. The cover for landlords is for homeowners who want to safeguard their properties as well as tenants. Under the one-off repairs, technicians from the company fix broken kitchen appliances, plumbing systems and electrics.

The energy company has a special offer for businesses. Under this offer, businesses stand to benefit from 10 percent off from their electricity bills. The offer enables businesses to save more than £900 on gas. Under gas and electricity, the company handles complaints as well as applications for new connections from customers in the United Kingdom.

Contacting British Gas Customer Service

If there is an emergency that you want to inform customer service office at British Gas about, the telephone number to call is 0800 111 999. On the other hand, to make an enquiry about the account, simply dial 0800 048 0202. You can call this energy company to make account enquiries from abroad simply by dialling +44 113 298 0900.

If you need assistance with sales, probably because you want to open an account with the company and begin receiving its services, you should dial 0800 980 6005. You can make online enquiries about maintenance and repair by dialling 0800 072 7511. If you want to file a report about the theft of gas and electricity, speak with a company representative on 0800 587 2737.

British Gas Contact Tips

BT customers who dial the 0800 numbers to speak with a representative of British Gas about any issue will enjoy free calls. A customer who speaks with the company by dialling 0845 numbers will have to contend with call charges of around 4p per minute, but only when making the calls through BT numbers. Charges vary for calls made from other networks and mobile phones.

NPower Helpline

NPower refers to the trading name of RWE Npower plc, which is a company in the United Kingdom that is responsible for generating electricity. The company supplies gas and electricity not only to homes but also to businesses in the United Kingdom. The company began operating in 2000 as Innogy plc before rebranding to RWE Npower in 2002.

The company meets the needs of homes and businesses in the UK where gas, as well as electrical energy, is concerned. It is one of the main integrated energy companies in the United Kingdom. It also operates several gases, oil-powered and coal power stations in the country. It runs a portfolio that includes a cogeneration plant.

NPower Customer Services

NPower Helpline

The company provides customers with the opportunity to choose from different tariffs that include the short fix, medium fix and variable or fixed energy online January 2017, price fixes March 2017, price fixes February 2018 and Standard Variable. Under all the tariffs, customers are able to manage their accounts online. Each tariff has unique features and attractions.

On behalf of customers who need such services, the company sends its technicians to replace damaged or energy-wasting boilers and heating systems. Customers can request for repair services for their damaged or malfunctioning boilers. Similarly, the energy company provides customers with tips for surviving the cold winter months.

Contacting NPower Customer Service

Feel free to get in touch with customer service at Npower and make your complaint known. You can do this by telephone calls. All that you have to do is call 0800 073 3000 or 0330 100 3000 from a landline and mobile phone respectively in the United Kingdom. The two numbers are for customers who want to raise complaints on gas and electricity.

Customers who want to inform the company about complaints that they have with boilers and heating systems should get in touch through 0800 197 5442 and 0330 100 7516 from a landline and mobile phone respectively from any part of the United Kingdom. Customers who struggle with speech and hearing impairments should get in touch with the company via minicom.

NPower Contact Tips

When calling a customer service representative at NPower, be ready with your account number. This way, you will receive faster access to the person with whom you wish to speak or file a complaint. The lines operate from Monday to Sunday. The only issue you need to address is the exact opening times. Send text messages regarding energy-related emergencies. For more ways to contact Npower, check on their official website.

Scottish Power Helpline

Scottish Power is an integrated energy power company operating in the United Kingdom with headquarters located in Glasgow, Scotland. It is responsible for supplying electricity as well as gas to homes and businesses in the country and other parts of the United Kingdom. The company began operating in 1990 before becoming a subsidiary of Iberdrola in 2006.

The energy company is one of the Big Six power firms that serve customers in the United Kingdom. It provides energy to more than 5 million homes and businesses in the country. It helps customers to enjoy staying in cozy and warm homes. It also provides customers with access to some competitive tariffs as well as other energy products.

Scottish Power Customer Services

Scottish Power Helpline

Electricity and natural gas from the two products and services that the company provides to customers in Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom. Through various products and services, customers are able to enjoy great savings by spending only €870 annually on gas and electricity but only if they buy a tariff known as Online Fixed Price Energy January 2017.

The company has an app called YourEnergy. The app is available for download and users on Android as well as iOS gadgets. The BoilerCare program is for customers who want to take good care of their boilers, just as the name suggests. The app is great for customers who desire to control their hot water as well as heating at home or while on the go.

Contacting Scottish Power Customer Service

Contacting customer service is fine for any person who wants more information about any of the gas and electricity tariffs from Scottish Power. The telephone number that would allow you the chance to speak with a customer service advisor is 0800 027 0072. If you are outside the United Kingdom, get in touch with customer service by calling +44 800 027 0072 or +44 345 270 0700.

Scottish Power Contact Tips

A minicom service is available on 0800 027 8899 for customers in the United Kingdom who struggle with speech and hearing difficulties. The beauty about the contact numbers is that customers have only to wait for an average of 2 minutes before the Scottish Power customer service advisor picks the call.

The phone numbers to the contact centers operate between 8 am and 10 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, you should call the company only between 8.30am and 6pom when the customer service is in operation. Before proceeding with the call, check that you have your account number ready to access the right office or advisor quickly.

SSE (Scottish & Southern) Helpline

SSE (Scottish & Southern) is a company in Great Britain that specialises in gas and electricity. The company also provides customers in Great Britain with phone and broadband services. In addition to these, it provides different types of home services. The company operates from its headquarters which is located in Perth, Scotland.

The company serves customers in Ireland too with the different services and products. SSE is one of the big six, which are dominant players in the energy market in the UK. The Big Six are responsible for supplying gas and electricity to more than 50 million homes as well as businesses in the UK and include British Gas, EDF Energy, NPower, e.on UK, Scottish Power and SSE.

SSE (Scottish & Southern) Services

SSE (Scottish & Southern) Helpline

The products that customers in the United Kingdom receive from the company include broadband, electricity, gas and phone. Examples of services that the company offers to consumers and businesses in the country include power generation, power distribution, and production of natural gas as well as transportation and distribution.

It is the second largest supplier of natural gas and electricity in the UK. In the field of generating renewable energy, no other company in the UK comes close to SSE. Some of the brands that the company has incorporated include Scottish Hydro Electric, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Airtricity as well as Atlantic Electric and Gas.

Contacting SSE (Scottish & Southern) Customer Service

If you are not happy with any of the products and services that SSE (Scottish & Southern) has to offer, feel free to get in touch with customer service. You can do that through telephone calls. The number to call for complaints with any of the products and services of the company is 0345 071 7800.

On the other hand, if you prefer speaking directly with the person in charge of the customer service team, simply dial 0345 071 9853. Speak with the head of the team if you feel that the people who were looking into your case initially failed to do a satisfactory job. The head of this team should then resolve the issue within the next five working days.

SSE (Scottish & Southern) Contact Tips

If a representative of the company is to handle your complaint properly and fast, you should call SSE (Scottish & Southern) between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday or 8 am and 2 pm on Saturday. The issues that you raise with the company regarding any of its products and services through telephone calls often find solutions by 8 pm of the following day.