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BT Customer Services

BT is the oldest communications company in the world today. The company provides exceptional telecom services in the United Kingdom and other countries around the world. As at 2016, the company has operations in around 170 countries globally. The company specializes in providing telecom services that include broadband, fixed line, mobile, and TV.

The company sells different types of products and services to individual consumers as well as small and medium-size businesses. The company also caters for the needs of players in the public sector who depend on its communications know-how. Lately, the company has distinguished itself for selling products and services at wholesale rates to telecom providers in the country.

BT Services

BT Customer Services

The company has built a business that hinges purely on its customers. It endeavours to serve the needs of its customers while ensuring that they receive value for money. To achieve this, the company extends its services through a business model that includes BT Consumer, BT Global Services, and BT Technology to name a few.

The company has emerged one of the leaders in managing networked IT services around the world. The company also provides the most popular broadband services and packages in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for superfast fibre and mobile broadband services. VoIP lines and traditional phone lines that the company sells are in great demand around the country too.

Contacting BT Customer Service

Business customers can get in touch with BT customer service through web chat or the self-serve page that it created on its website. Visit to access the self-serve page. The self-serve page allows you to track faults, pay bills, view bills and track orders. Contact customer service regarding any issue that you have with the company’s services.

However, in case the above options do not give you the desired results, do not hesitate to submit your complaints through phone calls. For example, where your complaint has to do with poor broadband connection, let the customer service department know by calling them through 0845 600 7020. Call this number when your broadband is uncharacteristically slower.

BT Contact Tips

Most customer service contact numbers operate 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. After calling, it is advisable to wait for an average of 10 minutes before an agent picks your call. If you send an email, you should expect an answer within 48 hours of submitting it. The local rates apply if you call from BT landlines. The call rates from mobile phones vary based on the service provider.

TalkTalk Customer Services

TalkTalk provides some of the most affordable broadband services in the United Kingdom. The company has excelled in providing one of the most secure unlimited broadband services in the country too. Broadband service is not the only thing that you get from the company. You can also pay for TV and SIM Plans from the company for home or business usage.

The company offers more than just broadband services. It offers free HomeSafe software to customers who subscribe to the broadband service. It is one of the leading providers of quad-play services in the United Kingdom. Quad-play services include broadband, mobile phone, fixed line, and TV. You may also subscribe to the long contracts when in need of fiber broadband.

TalkTalk Services

TalkTalk Customer Services

The broadband services for which TalkTalk is renowned are among the cheapest in the country. It is the ideal company to go to when looking for budget broadband deals. Its broadband services do not have an accompanying restriction on download cap. It has an entry-level package called SimplyBroadband that costs nothing per month although you pay £17.70 for line rental.

The company created the HomeSafe system, which is available to all customers at no additional cost upon subscribing to any broadband package, as previously stated. Through this system, you enjoy round the clock protection whenever you use any of your devices to access the Internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet, especially if you deem the content unsuitable or unsafe.

Contacting TalkTalk Customer Services

TalkTalk has one of the most vibrant customer service teams. To access the TalkTalk customer services team, you need to call 0800 049 7832. Calling this number is the best course of action to take when in need of more information regarding any of the quad-play services that have made the company a household name in the United Kingdom.

If you do not prefer phone calls, feel free to visit the members’ forum, which is available at Alternatively, you can visit the official company website for information on how to chat with a customer service representative or agent online. You should also consider writing to the customer service office. Use the My TalkTalk app as well.

TalkTalk Contact Tips

Before proceeding with the call to TalkTalk customer service team, you should check that all your account details are accurate and nearby. Occasionally, the official channels of communicating with the customer service team might be down, especially when the quad-play provider opts to take them through planned or scheduled maintenance.

Virgin Media Telephone

Virgin Media provides quad-play services in the United Kingdom. The broadband connection that it provides is one of the fastest in the country. Its speeds can be as high as 200Mbps. This means that you can download movies in a few minutes. With such amazing speeds, you can also download music in a matter of seconds. The company guarantees the smooth online experience.

It is difficult to raise complaints with any of the products and services that the company provides. This is because of the company’s policy of focusing on quality and pursuing excellence. The company is renowned all over the country for the best call plans. With its products and services, you are guaranteed value for money.

Virgin Media Services

Virgin Media Telephone Number

Virgin Media is known for broadband packages with incredible speeds. Customers can subscribe to the broadband packages without landlines. The company does not place limits on customers regarding the number of downloads that they can make. The company is focused on providing excellent customer service all the time. Its broadband network does not rely on BT Openreach.

In addition to the superfast broadband services, the company is also a major provider of TV, mobile and fixed phone services. For a low monthly fee of £9, you can subscribe to the broadband and calls package. The fixed line services allow customers in the United Kingdom to make their preferred calls to any number in the country or abroad.

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

Since Virgin Media provides quad-play services, you need to specify the exact customer service office or advisor to call. This is because TV, broadband, fixed line and broadband services are each under a different customer service office. When you call the Virgin Media telephone number, do not forget to state the exact nature of your problem to help the advisors determine the office that should handle the case.

Nonetheless, the customer service number that you should call regarding faults with broadband service is 0345 454 1111. You can call the same number to obtain help with the problems that you face with loss of your TV service. Use the same number to receive help for faults that you encounter with your fixed line. Call 0345 6000 789 for problems with your mobile phone.

Virgin Media Contact Tips

The customer service operates its Virgin Media telephone number from 8 am to midnight between Monday and Sunday. If you own a Virgin Media fixed line or mobile phone, you should check the call rates at Before calling with another landline or mobile, check the call rates with the service provider.

BT Sport Helpline

BT Sport is an organization that represents a collection of various TV sports channels that operate in the United Kingdom. The organization also has operations in Ireland. The company is a subsidiary of BT Consumer, which is one of the divisions within BT Group. The company has been in operation since it’s launching on August 1, 2013.

Subscribers can watch the sports channels that the organization offers on various platforms such as Virgin Media, Sky and BT TV anywhere in the United Kingdom. In Ireland, subscribers can watch the sports channels on Virgin Media Ireland. In the United Kingdom, the company holds the rights to broadcast some English Premier League matches live.

BT Sport Customer Services

BT Sport Helpline

BT Sport offers more than the live broadcasts of English Premier League matches. Customers who want to watch some Rugby Union action can do so through the relevant sports channel. Other sports channels cater for the needs of customers who wish to sample various types of sports and games such as cricket, tennis, motorsport and American sports.

Some of the products for which the company is renowned include magazine shows such as The Clare Balding Show, MotoGP Tonight, Life’s A Pitch, SportsHUB, European Football Show, Rugby Tonight and Boxing Tonight to mention a few. The organization has gone a long way to ensuring that it caters for the diverse needs of customers or subscribers.

Contacting BT Sport Customer Service

Do not make it a habit of contacting customer service every single time you have an issue with the sports channels. At times, a simple visit to the Help and Support section under the official company website will provide all the answers and solutions for your questions, troubles, and complaints.

Contact customer service for assistance when unable to watch any channel or sport online. If the app proves hard to use, do not hesitate to get in touch with the customer service. If you prefer making telephone calls, do not hesitate to call 0800 800 150 from a landline, 0330 1234 150 from a mobile phone and +44 179 359 6931 from abroad.

BT Sport Contact Tips

All the contact telephone numbers to BT Sport are available every day of the week. For this reason, call these numbers from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, call the numbers between 9 am and 6 pm. It is important for you to be ready with the account number, which you can find on the monthly bills, before proceeding with the calls.

Netflix Helpline

Netflix is an American company that provides Internet streaming services to customers in several countries and territories around the world on demand. The company has been in operation since 1997 when Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings founded it. The American company operates from its US headquarters located in Los Gatos, California.

Through the streaming services that the company provides, users or subscribers are able to stream television programs of their choosing in addition to any movie that they want to watch at any hour of the day or night. The company now boasts of a subscriber base that consists of more than 43 million customers in the US and around 69.1 million globally.

Netflix Customer Services

Netflix Helpline

The Internet streaming company offers wide-ranging services to subscribers located in more than 40 countries around the world. For the most part, the organization has become a household name in the US and around the world because of the Internet video streaming services that it provides. It also receives global acclaim for other services such as disc rental.

Subscribers located in specific countries and territories around the world are now able to watch all the TV shows that they want online. Subscribers are also able to watch their preferred movies online. Subscribers can watch or stream the TV shows and movies using their smart television sets, PCs, gaming consoles, tablets, mobile phones and Mac gadgets among others.

Contacting Netflix Customer Service

You can contact the customer service agent at Netflix about any problem that makes it harder to watch TV shows or movies online. To do this, you must be a registered subscriber. Existing customers have no problem getting in touch with the organization and requesting some assistance to stream TV shows or movies online.

On the other hand, if you prefer contacting the company through telephone calls, then remember to dial 1-800-585-7265 on your phone. The phone number for customer service is the fastest and most effective way through which to obtain the assistance that you require from the company. All existing customers have other methods for getting in touch with the company as well.

Netflix Contact Tips

You need to sign in with all your login details prior to placing the call. Whereas the existing customers have a telephone number to use when in need of assistance from Netflix, the potential or prospective customers need to focus on opening or creating accounts first. This way, the company would provide the assistance that a prospective customer requires fast and effectively.

Virgin Media TV Helpline

Virgin Media plc is a UK company with several subsidiaries such as Virgin Mobile UK and Virgin Media Ireland. The company provides wide-ranging telecom services such as cable broadband, mobile and digital TV among others. The company has been providing these services and more since it’s creation on March 6, 2006.

The company is a subsidiary of Liberty Global. The broadband services that the company provides have attracted more than 4.2 million subscribers. The fixed line telephone services have attracted more than 4.1 million subscribers. On the other hand, the television and cable services have attracted in excess of 3.79 million and 4.8 million subscribers in the United Kingdom.

Virgin Media Customer Services

Virgin Media TV Helpline

Virgin Media is not a household name in the United Kingdom for no reason. It has some of the best products and services in the land. For example, the Big Bundles allows subscribers to enjoy great entertainment at some amazing value prices for the first 12 months. Here, subscribers are free to choose from Big Easy, Big Bang, Big Fun and Big Kahuna depending on their needs.

Under broadband, subscribers are able to enjoy services that start from as low as £5.99 each month for the first 12 months before increasing to £19 per month for 18-month contracts. The TV packages start at £9.99 per month. The broadband and call packages begin at a monthly fee of £5.99. Subscribers can purchase wide-ranging mobile phones from the company as well.

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

If you want to contact customer service regarding any issue or complaint with the company, then the telephone number that you must call is 0800 064 3839, especially for questions on broadband services. However, do not hesitate to call the same number for solutions to problems on Big Bundles, broadband, and TV. Call 0800 064 3847 to purchase a mobile phone.

Virgin Media Contact Tips

When dialing any 0800 or 0808 telephone number to speak with a representative of Virgin Media from a mobile phone, you will pay nothing. All telephone calls made to 0500 numbers are also free. On the other hand, be ready to pay up to £2.50 each minute when making calls to numbers that begin with 070 anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Text Relay Service is for customers who struggle with speech and hearing impairments. As for customers who prefer communicating with the company through sign language on webcams, the Video Relay Service will prove highly beneficial. Customers can obtain online help as well as the support they need regarding any service or product that the company has.

TalkTalk TV Helpline

TalkTalk TV is an organization in the United Kingdom that provides video and television services to consumers on demand. The company provides pay TV services purely in the United Kingdom. It has undergone rebranding many times in the past that has seen the name changing from Homechoice to Tiscali TV. The services are available on IPTV.

Originally, the company began operating in 2000 when it was founded. However, the rebranding that allowed the company to operate the way it is today took place in September 2012. The company provides other services as well and these include broadband Internet, fixed telephone landlines, and video on demand.

TalkTalk TV Customer Services

TalkTalk TV Helpline

The channels that subscribers watch in the United Kingdom require signals from IPTV. A set top box from YouView is also required to watch the channels. For a monthly fee of £10, customers are able to watch up to 6 Sky channels that focus purely on entertainment, make calls anytime, in addition to on obtaining a free mobile SIM that is worth £90 and a 7-day catch-up TV.

The company allows customers to choose their preferred package. In this regard, customers can choose the SimplyBroadband package that entitles them to totally unlimited broadband of up to 17Mb on a core network that is as close to 100% reliability as they can ever hope to find. The SimplyBroadband package goes for a monthly fee of £3.75 for the first 18 months.

Contacting TalkTalk TV Customer Service

It is possible to call the customer service and speak with a company representative any day of the week. If you mostly want to speak with a member of the sales team, then the telephone number to call is 0800 049 1402. If you have a TalkTalk landline, do not hesitate to get in touch with the company by dialing 0870 444 1820 or 0203 441 5550 from your mobile phone.

TalkTalk TV Contact Tips

Before placing the call to TalkTalk TV regarding the quality of services or concerns with the billing, you should understand the rates. For example, all the calls that you make to any of the company’s 0870 numbers are free but only from TalkTalk phones. If you place the calls from AOL or non-TalkTalk lines, be ready to pay the access charge as well as 3p per minute.

Most importantly, it is important to be ready with your account details before proceeding to place the call or get in touch with the company using other avenues like their official website or social network profiles.

TalkTalk TV Phone

TalkTalk TV is a consumer television company operating in the United Kingdom. The company, which began operating in September 2012 when it was officially launched, is also renowned for the video-on demand services. The company has undergone plenty of rebranding that has seen it changing names from Homechoice to Tiscali TV.

The television services for which the company is renowned are only possible because of the BT phone lines. The company allows customers to choose the package that they want from two options. The options in question are Essentials TV and Plus TV. The company provides pay television services all over the United Kingdom.

TalkTalk TV Services

TalkTalk TV Phone Number

The Plus TV, which is one of the products from the company, is available on IPTV through the YouView set-top box. Through the same set-top box, customers are able to access DTT or Digital Terrestrial Television signals. To access the DTT signals, you would require an extra aerial to watch the free-to-view channels.

Some of the packages that customers in the United Kingdom can pay for include TV Starter Boost, Entertainment Boost and Kids Boost. Other packages include Music Boost as well as Entertainment Extra Boost. Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Premier Sports are all available as part of different packages that customers can watch upon paying the required amount.

Contacting TalkTalk TV Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with customer service at TalkTalk TV and let them know the complaints that you have with the TV packages. If the quality of service is not what you expect, get in touch with customer service by calling 0870 444 1820. Alternatively, consider sending an email by filling the online form that is available on the official website.

The company promises to respond to the emails that you send within 72 hours after receiving them. The third option would write a letter and send it via regular mail to the customer service. If you prefer sending a letter via regular mail, be patient, as the reply might not come back earlier than 7 days after the company receives it.

TalkTalk TV Contact Tips

The calls that you make to TalkTalk TV on the 0870 444 1820 number are free when you call using any TalkTalk landline. For the customer service to respond to your call, make the telephone calls only between Monday and Friday from 8am-8pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, make the calls between 9 am and 6 pm, as well as 10, am and 5 pm respectively.

Sky Phone Contact Phone

Sky is a telecom company operating in the United Kingdom and serving clients in this country. It provides multiple services related to the telecommunications industry. Some of these services include broadband Internet, television and fixed line telephony. The services are for consumers as well as businesses in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the telecom giant is the largest broadcaster of pay-TV with it’s more than 11.5 million subscribers. For quite some time, the company offered a digital TV service that was the most popular in the United Kingdom. The company has now been in operation since November 2, 1990. It has undergone rebranding and change of name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited.

Sky Customer Services

Sky Phone Number

The telecom giant is a leader in providing great entertainment to the customers in Great Britain through the television services. It has acquired the rights to show matches from the English Premier League for several years now. Subscribers are able to follow the great sporting action and the latest films from all over the world using the television services that it provides.

The company has several packages that it allows customers to use. Each package has unique features and pricing. For example, when a customer purchases a Sky TV Bundle, he is entitled to a reward worth £25. The package that a customer chooses could also come with 12 months free subscription to Sky Broadband Unlimited among other unique features and attractions.

Contacting Sky Customer Service

You can get in touch with customer service at Sky regarding any of the products and services that the telecom giant provides. You could contact it on broadband Internet services. You can also contact customer service about television services. It is possible to get in touch with customer service on fixed landline services as well.

If you have problems with Sky TV, let customer service know by calling it on 03442 411 653. Call the same telephone number when a problem arises with Sky Broadband. Calling the same number of issues regarding Sky Talk should take you directly to customer service where an advisor will answer the call and provide the necessary solutions.

Sky Contact Tips

Sky Talk customers who call the Sky contact centres will not pay anything. This is because calls to these contact centres are free. For subscribers who are not with Sky Talk, the calls made to the 03 numbers will cost the same as the ones made to numbers that begin with 01 and 02. In fact, the calls made to these numbers using non-Sky Talk numbers are included on the calls packages.

Netflix Contact Phone

Netflix is an American multinational company that provides streaming services through the Internet. The company creates a platform that enables customers from various parts of the world to stream movies and TV shows online. The two people who founded the company on August 29, 1997, were Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

As at 2016, the company now boasts of a global subscriber base of more than 70 million. The number is now likely to increase exponentially after the company went global in 2016. From 2016, the streaming services by the company will now be accessible by subscribers in more than 130 countries around the world.

Netflix Customer Services

Netflix Phone Number

In the past, the streaming services by the company were only available to customers in the United States and a few countries in North America. Currently, it is available to customers in around 130 countries globally. Consequently, this means that customers can travel to almost any part of the world and be able to stream their favourite movies or TV shows.

The streaming services that the company provides now no longer require going through the rigmaroles of VPN. This makes it possible and much easier for viewers from all over the world to watch the movies and TV shows that the company restricted them from streaming in the past. Customers are now able to watch their preferred movies and TV shows legally.

Contacting Netflix Customer Service

Customer service at the company is accessible through various methods. You can access customer service by phone and email as well as live chats. If you prefer voice calls, then it is important to download and use the Netflix App. To use the app, you will need to download and install it on your iOS or Android device.

The app would be easier to use in getting in touch with the customer service if you are already a registered member. Regardless, the telephone number that you should use to get in touch with customer service is 1-800-585-7265. To get all the help that you need, log on to your account with the company and select the Contact Us before clicking the Call Us link.

Netflix Contact Tips

Faster response to your query is available but only after you register as a member and open an online account with Netflix. The customer service number operates 24 hours a day every day of the week. You can contact the company as either existing or potential customer. Always state your current membership status.