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Nationwide Lost Card Contact

It is common for card users to lose their cards to theft or a bit of carelessness. When this happens, frustrations and panicking can set in, especially if the issuer does not provide the quality of help you need. Fortunately, the Nationwide Bank in the United Kingdom established a system that allows its customers to find replacements for their lost or stolen cards.

The bank is renowned for several banking as well as financial services that it extends to customers in the United Kingdom. Some of the products that it provides include current accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, credit cards, mortgages, and insurance among others. Without the right cards, accessing these products and services becomes a bit harder.

Nationwide Lost Card Services

Nationwide Lost Card

Lost and stolen cards can make your life harder. For example, you could find it harder to pay for goods and services at local stores. Taking your loved ones shopping also becomes much harder without the cards. Buying stuff online also proves a bit problematic when you lose your cards. The Nationwide lost card services are designed to give you back the control over your finances.

Nationwide has established an office that predominantly deals with lost and stolen cards. The office is full of advisors who make it much easier for you to inform them about the exact assistance that you need. You should take advantage of these services after losing your credit card, FlexPlus card, FlexDirect Card or other types of cards issued by Nationwide.

Contacting Nationwide Lost Card Customer Service

If your card is lost or stolen, do not waste time but get in touch with customer service at the Nationwide Lost Card office. Since the bank has different types of cards, it is important that you inform the customer service advisor about the exact one that you lost. Moreover, this helps the bank to provide the exact assistance that you require.

If you need help with your lost or stolen credit card, you should call customer service on 0800 055 6622 when in the United Kingdom, or +44 2476 438 996 when outside the country. For help with your lost or stolen FlexPlus card, you should contact customer service at Nationwide by calling 0800 118 885 or +44 1793 541 200 from the UK or when abroad respectively.

Nationwide Lost Card Contact Tips

The customer service number for Nationwide Lost Card office operates 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. Therefore, feel free to call the office anytime. When the call goes through, the customer service advisor will ask for your account number as a way of validating you. For this reason, you should not call unless your account number is nearby.

PayPal Customer Service UK

PayPal is more than merely an expedient and ever-present digital wallet. It provides the platform that makes online transactions possible. It offers the safety guarantees that buyers and sellers need to proceed with their transactions. It provides the reliable, efficient and trustworthy payment solutions that merchants and their customers require.

Without the services that this company provides, many online transactions include e-commerce websites would be dead. The company extends its services to more than 179 million registered customers located in over 200 countries and territories around the world. The popularity of its services is because of the company’s decision to be transparent with its pricing and other terms.

PayPal Customer Services

PayPal Customer Service UK

With PayPal, you should never worry about early termination fees, which other similar companies use to lock their customers. However, you need to avoid fraudulent activities with your account, as the company will not hesitate to close it. The company does not entertain any hint of risk-related issues because of the need to protect its global reputation.

The level of consistency and transparency that the company exhibits with its payments has helped attract more customers to its services. The company operates some of the most efficient payment and processing solutions. The company is renowned for transparent advertising, clear pricing, and services that are easy to use. Use it to pay for services or buy items online.

Contacting PayPal Customer Service

The most common issue that should push you into calling PayPal customer service the UK is the sudden freezing of your account. If your account is frozen, you will be limited in terms of the ability to withdraw money or accept further transactions. If the quality of customer service is below your expectation, do not hesitate to get in touch with the company through phone calls or emails.

The Paypal customer service UK number that you should call is 0800 358 7911. The secret to receiving help fast after calling this number is to wait until your call is transferred to a customer service agent. Before the agent picks your call, expect to go through various options. Always be ready to pay international call rates when calling the company from outside the United Kingdom.

PayPal Contact Tips

The customer service number for PayPal is free to call from any landline within the United Kingdom. The calls to the customer service number from a mobile phone vary depending on the service provider. You should make the calls between 8 am and 10 pm from Monday to Friday, or 8am-9pm on Saturday and 9am-9pm on Sunday.

Santander Telephone Banking Phone

Santander Telephone Banking refers to a banking service that Santander Bank introduced specifically to serve its customers in the United Kingdom. This product allows customers to enjoy banking services anytime. Telephone banking gives customers the freedom to interact with the bank 24 hours each day, 7 days a week.

The bank’s round the clock banking service via the phone has proved highly successful and very popular in the country. Through this service, customers can look forward to conventional banking, which is different from everything they know about this sector. Telephone banking is one of the bank’s innovative products that include Online Banking and Mobile Banking among others.

Santander Telephone Banking Customer Services

Santander Telephone Banking

Santander Telephone Banking is great for customers in the United Kingdom who want to pay bills any time of the day or night. It is also great for customers who need answers to questions that they have regarding their bank accounts at Santander. The service is for customers who need to transfer money to a different bank account regardless of the time of day or night.

Through this banking product, you can now check your balance whenever you feel like. You can order a bank statement any time. The banking product makes it easier for you to do whatever seems appropriate with your standing orders or Direct Debits, including setting them up or cancelling them.  You should use the service for ordering new PINs or cards as well.

Contacting Customer Service

To learn more about the service, you should call the bank’s customer service office on 0800 9123 123. A UK-based customer service team handles the calls every day from morning until 11 pm at night. Thereafter, an automated service takes over for the rest of the night until the next morning when a new team takes over.

The customer service team will provide the answers in case your call has to do with checking your balances or asking for mini-statements. In case you want to use the telephone banking service to issue instructions regarding people or companies that you want to pay, customer service is available round the clock to provide the required assistance.

Santander Banking Contact Tips

The customer service number for Santander Banking operates from Monday to Sunday every week. Therefore, call this number between 7 am and 11 pm from Monday to Saturday. Call the customer service number on Sundays between 8 am and 10 pm. Before you call, be ready with Telephone Banking Number, Customer ID, 16-digit number or date of birth.

Santander Travel Insurance Contact

Santander Travel Insurance is a product that the bank created for its customers. The eligibility criterion is being an account holder at Santander Bank. Although the bank offers this type of insurance, ACE European Group Limited underwrites, administers and arranges the actual policy. The underwriters are not a subsidiary of the Santander Bank in the United Kingdom.

The main objective of the insurance is to provide users with the ability to not only relax, but also enjoy the vacation. Moreover, the bank allows customers the freedom to choose their preferred and most suitable insurance policy. The bank has not placed an age limit on any of its travel insurance policies. The insurance gives customers the peace of mind they need while traveling.

Santander Travel Insurance Customer Services

Santander Travel Insurance

Through Santander Travel Insurance, you can now take policies that include single trips or multi-trips. The policies cover your trips annually. The insurance policies cover European and worldwide destinations that you wish to travel to with the only exception being Cuba. The policy covers the family or couple. You can also take the policy as an individual.

The family policy ensures that children travel free, thus saving you money. Moreover, Santander allows you to name up to seven children who are under the age of 18 years. You can name up to seven children who are under the age of 23 years but only if they are full-time students. The travel insurance package covers the child or grandchild of a policyholder.

Contacting Customer Service

Santander Travel has a direct customer service number that you can call when caught up in an emergency while abroad. The number is +44 (0) 20 7173 7177. However, upon calling the customer service number, expect it to take you to ACE Assistance. The main customer service number for this product is, however, 0800 519 9921.

If you are outside the United Kingdom and wish to speak directly with the Travel Insurance office at Santander, the customer service number to call would be +44 (0) 1293 726 228. You can also send an email to with a clear breakdown of the kind of assistance that you need while travelling to different destinations around the world.

Santander Travel Contact Tips

The customer service number operates from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. When calling this number, do not forget to include details of your current location. More importantly, you should have your Customer ID details near since the customer service advisor will require them to provide your authenticity.

Visa Helpline

Visa Inc or Visa is an American multinational company that provides financial services globally. The company is more renowned for the provision of payment services. Buyers and sellers are able to continue with transactions because of the knowledge that making and receiving payments is much easier due to the platform that the American multinational offers.

The company’s main offices are located in Foster City in California, USA. The facilitation of electronic fund transfers is the one area where the multinational has excelled in. It facilitates the transfer of funds globally through various debit as well as credit cards. Nonetheless, it is worth stating that the company is not an issue of credit or debit cards.

Visa Customer Services

Visa Helpline

The multinational makes it possible for business owners to run their businesses successfully due to the realization that they will have no problem receiving and making payments. Contrary to what many people think, the organization is not responsible for setting fees for consumers or issuing cards and extending credit. It merely plays the role of a facilitator.

The organization is responsible for the provision of payment products to financial institutions around the world. This way, financial institutions are then able to different programs such as prepaid, debit, credit and cash-access to their customers. The company has a global network capable of processing billions of transactions in excess of $4 trillion.

Contacting Visa Customer Service

Visa has a global customer assistance centre. For this reason, customers should get in touch with this centre to find out the exact telephone number or contact details to use in order to raise their issues with the organization. The customer assistance centre is reachable through the Contact Us page on the official website of the multinational provider of global payment services.

However, customers who want to report a lost or stolen card should get in touch with the organization by calling 800 847 2911, but only if they are within the United States. If you do not want to contact customer service through telephone calls, use the official email address to do that. The email address is

Visa Contact Tips

Regardless of the method that you use to get in touch with Visa, it is inadvisable to include your personal credit card details in the correspondence. The organization has several toll free numbers that customers can use to get in touch with it regarding any pressing issue. On the other hand, callers should be ready to pay call charges depending on their location at the time of calling.

PayPal Helpline

PayPal is an American company that provides online payment systems globally. The company has made it easier for customers to find better alternatives to traditional forms of making and receiving payments such as money orders and checks. The organization is one of the largest companies that provides and supports Internet payment services in the world today.

The services that the organization provides have proved popular with more than 173 million users around the world. Globally, the company is now capable of moving more than $224 billion in a year in different currencies. The company now earns total revenues that are in excess of $7 billion each year, which constitutes around 40% of what the parent company (eBay) earns.

PayPal Customer Services

PAYPAL Helpline

The organization operates in more than 203 markets around the world. Currently, the company boasts of millions of active and registered accounts (159 million to be precise). Customers are able to not only send but also receive and hold funds in close to 26 different types of currencies from all over the world.

The organization allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. It supports online financial transactions. Online auctions are now much easier to participate in because of the system that the organization has put in place. As from August 2009, teenagers are now able to open Student Accounts through their parents and receive a debit card for their use.

Contacting PayPal Customer Service

PayPal has employed more than 800 individuals to take care of all aspects of customer service. For this reason, you will not struggle to find the solution or answer required for any problem with a product or service that the company provides. You can approach customer service with any problem ranging from opening accounts to asking questions on merchant tools.

For any customer who prefers getting in touch with the organization through telephone calls, the customer service number to dial is 1-402-935-2050. The customer service representatives are available between 4 am and 10 pm PST from Monday to Friday. You may also contact the customer service between 6 am and 8 pm PST on Saturday or Sunday.

PayPal Contact Tips

Prior to placing the call by telephone to PayPal, it is important to have the one-time passcode ready. The passcode is crucial as it enables the company representative to identify the customer. The passcode expires in less than 60 minutes, hence the importance of not only saving but also using it as soon as is possible. The Help Center on the website is worth visiting for answers too.

Nationwide Helpline

Nationwide is a mutual financial institution that operates in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but it is also the world’s largest building society. It has assets that are worth more than £193 billion. This is remarkable considering that the entire building society sector in the United Kingdom has assets worth around £325 billion.

The financial institution is a member of the Co-operatives UK, Council of Mortgage Lenders and Building Societies Association. The organization exists solely out of mergers made with several other institutions including Portman Building Society and Anglia Building Society to name but a few. In the UK, it is the second largest provider of household mortgages and savings.

Nationwide Customer Services

Nationwide Helpline

The organization has been a pioneer in the financial services in the United Kingdom. For example, it was the first financial institution in the United Kingdom to launch Internet retail banking services, which it did in 1997. In 2012, the organization launched the mobile banking services together with the FlexDirect current accounts.

The products and services that the bank provides include current accounts and ISAs. Other products include mortgages and all types of loans. Customers can apply for personal loans that last between 1-5 years with interest rates that are as low as 3.6 percent. However, customers who need loans that last longer than 5 years can apply for these as well from the bank.

Contacting Nationwide Customer Service

If you want to contact customer service regarding Internet banking, do not forget to call Nationwide on 0800 30 20 11. If you have questions on mobile banking, the customer service number to call is 0345 266 08 94. For customers with hearing and speech impairments, the textphone service is available through 0800 37 80 01.

For all general inquiries, contact the customer service through 0800 30 20 11 and select the appropriate option. For example, option 1 is for lost and stolen cards. Option 2 is for a credit card, Internet banking, and current account queries. Option 3 is for inquiries on existing savings. Option 4 is for queries on existing mortgages and option 5 for existing insurance inquiries.

Nationwide Contact Tips

Before placing a call to the institution, it is important to have all the Nationwide information ready. With the right information, your call will go through faster and you stand to receive quick and accurate assistance. The information that you should have ready is debit or credit card plus mortgage account number and customer number. Do not forget the 6-digit pass number. If this method doesn’t work for you, you could always check out for more contact methods available from their website.

Amex Helpline

Amex is American Express. It is a multinational corporation operating in the United States and providing financial services. The corporation’s head offices are located at Three World Financial Center in Manhattan, New York. The company has been in operation since it’s founding in 1850. It provides the banking and financial services around the world.

The organization is ranked 90th in Fortune 500. It boasts of assets worth more than $159 billion. Currently, the organization has more than 112.2 million cards in use globally. With a net income of more than $5.89 billion and annual revenue that is worth in excess of $34.3 billion, it is no wonder the organization is a major player in providing payment and financial services globally.

Amex Customer Services

Amex Helpline

Some of the products and services that have brought increased popularity to the organization include credit cards and corporate cards. Prepaid cards have also emerged popular tools with users around the world. The small business credit cards are equally crucial and popular for many reasons including the welcome offers that rewards new users with 25,000 Bonus Startpoints.

The corporation allows customers to open high-yielding savings accounts. With the savings accounts, customers do not have to worry about minimums and monthly fees. Moreover, with the savings accounts, customers are guaranteed easy links with their current bank accounts. Customers have 24/7 access to their savings accounts, this is through the various services that they offer.

Contacting Amex Customer Service

If you have a problem with any of your accounts, cards or products and services from American Express, do not hesitate to get in touch with the customer service via telephone calls. The number to dial is 1-800-528-4800. If you struggle with hearing and speech impairments, the TTY number to use is 1-800-522-1897 when in New York or 1-800-221-9950 from other locations.

Amex allows customers to apply for cards and accounts via the phone simply by calling 1-800-243-888. For inquiries regarding pay bill, customers should use 1-800-472-9297. If you want to ask about cash advance as well as express cash at ATMs, the number to do this through is 1-800-227-4669, which is only for customers in the United States.

Amex Contact Tips

It is worth noting that customers can contact Amex using any of the organization’s telephone numbers from Monday to Sunday. More importantly, the organization has employed personnel to be in charge of receiving calls and addressing the needs raised by customers 24/7. The only number that does not operate 24 hours is the gifts line whose hours are from 8am-midnight every day.

MasterCard Helpline

The payments industry has never been the same since MasterCard entered the scene in 1966 as Interbank Card Association. It was the creation of several banks. The organization took on the new name on December 16, 1979. The American multinational now provides financial services all over the world. It processes payments that make different commercial transactions possible.

Merchants and purchasers are now able to transact their businesses smoothly due to the realization that payments will be smoother because of the efforts of this American multinational and global leader in financial services. The main products for which the organization is renowned include payments system and credit cards.

MasterCard Customer Services

MasterCard Helpline

The organization supports processing of payments around the world. The network through which it does all the payment processing is among the fastest in the world today. The network provides a platform that connects consumers, merchants, financial institutions, businesses and governments in more than 210 countries as well as territories around the world.

It provides customers with a safe and efficient way through which to make and receive payments. Customers are assured of secure payments. Some of the most popular products and services that customers get from the organization include Debit: Pay Now, Credit: Pay Later, Prepaid: Pay Before and Commercial: Pay Efficiently among others.

Contacting MasterCard Customer Service

One of the best ways to contact customer service at MasterCard is by filling the web form with all the relevant details. You will only be able to receive a response from the company after filling the form with details such as first name, last name and email address in addition to the country of origin as well as the issue or topic that needs handling.

On the other hand, in case you want to make inquiries regarding lost/stolen cards or to collect them, call 1-800-627-8372 and 1-636-722-7111 respectively. If you want to contact the organization regarding an emergency, call it on 1-800-627-8372, which is also for issues such as applying for the card.

MasterCard Contact Tips

The contact telephone number for general inquiries is only for customers in the United States. It is advisable for customers in countries in other parts of the world to check the toll-free telephone numbers with the organization first. Each country or territory where the organization operates has a unique telephone number. The numbers in the other countries are subject to change. For more ways that one can use to reach their representatives can be checked from their official website.

Santander Helpline

Santander is a bank that operates in the United Kingdom. It is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It has become one of the largest lenders in the recent past. For example, the company recently lent more than £26.2 billion to corporate organizations in the United Kingdom.

The financial institution is a subsidiary of Santander Group. It also owns several other subsidiaries such as Cater Allen, Santander Private Banking, and Abbey National Treasury Services. It currently serves more than 14 million customers in the United Kingdom. More than that, it has employed around 20,000 workers in around 1,000 branches and 50 corporate centers.

Santander Customer Services

Santander Helpline

Personal loans are among the most popular products and services that customers get from the financial institution. Mortgages are also just as popular. The existing, as well as new customers, are free to apply for loans although this is subject to terms and status. Mobile banking has become increasingly attractive to customers in the UK.

What is more, the financial institution has made it possible for customers to pay family and friends using only mobile phone numbers. The service that enables this to take place is Paym, which the organization created. Paym has ensured that customers do not have to cram account numbers or sort codes to send money. Paym is only for signed up customers or members.

Contacting Santander Customer Service

Santander has made it easier for customers to get in touch with it. The bank has several options that customers can choose to communicate and these include telephone numbers. It operates several call centres through which customers can find the assistance they need. Alternatively, customers can visit one of the 800 branches of the bank and speak with a representative.

If you have a complaint that the bank representative should address, do not hesitate to get in touch with the financial institution by dialing 0800 171 2171. The number for complaints runs from 8 am to 8 pm on Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturday. Customers who desire to report their complaints online should sign under online banking and proceed.

Santander Contact Tips

When calling any of the bank’s 0800 or 0808 numbers from any UK landline or mobile phone, you will pay nothing since these are toll-free numbers as from July 1, 2015. If you call any of the bank’s 03 numbers, the call charges will be the same as the rates for calling 01 and 02 numbers. Calls to the 0845 numbers attract a fee of 2p-5p per minute plus access charges.