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Hertz Helpline

Hertz is an American company that provides car rental services. It operates in 145 countries around the world. The company is the largest provider of car rental services by sales in the United States. John D. Hertz founded the brand in 1918. The brand has now become one of the largest companies in the rental and leasing industries in not only the US but globally.

The company has made a number of acquisitions over the years. The company has also had to endure change of ownership many times than probably the founder would have wanted. The company went public in 2006 when a group of private equity companies, who purchased it in 2005, opted to make it a publicly traded brand.

Hertz Customer Services

Hertz Helpline

The company owns a large fleet of cars. In the United States alone, it has a fleet of more than 490,000 cars. Internationally, the company has a fleet of over 177,000 cars. Going forward, the brand intends to introduce electric cars from Nissan Leaf to its fleet. The brand introduced a car-sharing service called Hertz 24/7, which formerly used to be Hertz on Demand.

Customers are able to ask for car hire services upon landing at several airports that include Barcelona Airport, Alicante Airport, Malaga Airport, Manchester Airport, London Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport. The car hire destinations that it serves include the United Kingdom, Spain, France, USA, Italy, and Germany.

Contacting Hertz Customer Service

The customer service number of Hertz that you should call for questions regarding past rentals as well as charges on past rentals while in the United Kingdom is 020 7365 3369. For van reservations in the United Kingdom, the number that you should call is 0843 309 3109. If you are in the UK and want to ask about long-term rentals, call the company on 0843 309 3103 and a company representative will be happy to help you out.

Customers with corporate accounts who desire to make inquiries regarding new businesses, the number to call is 0843 309 3103. For customers who are interested in dream collection reservations, the company’s customer service would have no problem providing the answers. To get answers on dream collection reservations, simply call 020 7727 6969.

Hertz Contact Tips

It is important to check the call charges prior to making the calls to Hertz. For example, calls to the 0843 numbers will attract a cost of 7p per minute. In addition to the call charges, you will also have to pay for fees such as the access charge that the service provider levies on such types of services.

Budget Helpline

Budget is an American company that provides car rental services. Morris Mirkin and Jules Lederer founded the company in 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Although it is renowned for providing excellent services, customers should not forget that the company is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. The car rental provider has employed more than 21,000 workers.

Originally, the company operated with a fleet of only 10 cars. When it began operating, the company intended to cater for the needs of customers who desired to rent cars but did not have a limitless financial pool. It was for the budget-focused renters. It still appeals to renters who are driven by the need to get value for money.

Budget Customer Services

Budget Helpline

The rental services that the company provides are available at over 3,000 different locations all over the world. In fact, you will find an office or operation that the company runs in more than 120 countries globally. For this reason, you can travel around comfortably safe in the knowledge that you can hire a car from the company upon getting to your destination.

The company has several deals that it provides to customers in the United States as well as other parts of the world. In the US, for example, customers are able to save up to $20 on weekly car rentals. Weekend rentals in the US also come with a discount of up to 20 percent. In Canada, renters can save up to 30%. In the UK, the savings can be as much as 20 percent.

Contacting Budget Customer Service

If you are in the United States and want to contact customer service at Budget, call 800-214-6094 and talk with a company representative about car rental. If you have questions about car reservations in the United States, talk with a company representative through 800-218-7992. For questions on technical assistance, the number to dial is 800-404-8033.

Budget Contact Tips

Unlike other telephone contacts, the customer service number is not available every day or 24 hours. To get in touch with customer service, you should call their telephone number from 7.30am-7.30pm CST between Monday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, you should call customer service between 8 am and 6.30pm CST.

Depending on which country you are in at the time of making the call, check with the local service provider about the call charges. Alternatively, visit the official website of Budget and go to the Contact Us section to find the list of telephone numbers to call in case you are abroad and not within the boundaries of the United States.

National Rail Helpline

National Rail is an organisation that runs a website for providing commuters in the United Kingdom with information regarding national rail tickets as well as bookings. The service provides this information for all destinations in the United Kingdom. It works with partners that the organisation selects carefully to provide commuters with train tickets.

The organisation operates as an umbrella body where all the main lines, as well as suburban and local train services, converge. It covers regions in England, Scotland and Wales. The service was once under the ownership of British Rail when it was founded in 1999. Later, a new company called ATOC took ownership of the service.

National Rail Services

National Rail Helpline

The organisation offers commuters a platform through which they can check for information on the fares and times of departures as well as arrivals of the trains. The commuters can then use this information to determine whether they need to book or not. Commuters who know when they want to travel and obtain an advanced ticket are better off taking advantage of such an offer.

It is possible for computers to place their bookings through the telephone. Booking by telephone is only possible through two stations. The first station where commuters can book a train ticket by phone is Eaglescliffe Station. The second station where bookings by phones can take place is Chester-le-Street Station. Find their respective numbers and book.

Contacting National Rail Customer Service

The organisation runs a customer service department, which commuters can get in touch with by telephone. If you want to benefit from customer service, call 0191 387 1387, which will take you to Chester-le-Street Station. Alternatively, you should call 01642 200 140 for a chance to speak with somebody at Eaglescliffe Station and ask about train tickets.

If you have a few questions to ask about the train tickets you purchased online, the telephone number to call and speak with a member of the customer service is 0871 244 1545. On the other hand, feel free to also call 08457 48 49 50 for an opportunity to enjoy the expert assistance and support provided through the National Rail Enquiry Service.

National Rail Contact Tips

The telephone number for the National Rail Enquiry Service is available to commuters in the United Kingdom 24 hours, 7 days a week. Remember to call Chester-le-Street Station from 7.30am-5.45pm between Monday and Friday or 7.30am-2pm on Saturday. Call the Eaglescliffe number from 7.30am-6pm between Monday and Friday or 7.30am-1pm on Saturday.

eCar Insurance Helpline

eCar Insurance is a subsidiary of the eGroup Insurance. The company operates in the United Kingdom providing customers with an online platform through which to buy insurance for their vans, bikes, cars and homes. The company has become one of the most sought after in the country since the days of humble beginnings when it launched in 2004.

Since 2004, the company has sold more than 1 million insurance policies to customers in the United Kingdom. The business side has grown exponentially. The fact that customers can buy the insurance policies online has exempted the company from the expenses it would have incurred by providing these products through telephone and postal services.

eCar Insurance Customer Services

eCar Insurance Helpline

The company is different from other insurance firms in the United Kingdom. The difference is in the fact that customers have no problem managing their own insurance covers or policies online. The company has created secure online accounts through which customers in the United Kingdom are able to manage their policies effectively and not default or fall behind.

The company is also one of the few UK insurance firms renowned for providing not only short-term but also flexible insurance policies to customers around the country. Customers can choose between different types of insurance products that include Pay As You Go, short-term and standard. Customers are able to insure up to four different vehicles using only a single policy.

Contacting eCar Insurance Customer Service

Getting in touch with customer service is something that you should consider doing especially when asked for some documents. The best way to send documents is through email. The email address to use is customerservices@è Alternatively, it would be better to make telephone calls and ask to speak with a customer service advisor.

The telephone number that you should call for a chance to obtain assistance from customer service is 0333 222 4552. It is also fine to get in touch with customer service through regular mail. The postal address to send the regular mail through is the section of the official website marked Contact Us.

eCar Insurance Contact Tips

You should call the telephone number for customer service between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. The telephone number remains non-operational on Saturday and Sunday, thus no point in contacting eCar Insurance during the weekend. Do not forget that the calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls made to numbers that begin with 01 or 02 in the United Kingdom.

Hertz Phone

Hertz is the largest car rental organization in the world. It is responsible for over 30 million car rentals around the world. It operates from more than 6,500 locations in over 140 countries as well as territories around the world. The company’s fleet contains more than 550,000 vehicles. In the United States alone, the company has a fleet of more than 300,000 cars.

The company operates a subsidiary known as Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, through which it rents equipment for industrial and construction use to contractors as well as governments. Other subsidiaries that it owns include Hertz Technologies Inc, Claim Management Corporation and Hertz Local Edition among others.

Hertz Customer Services

Hertz Phone Number

Certified Clean and Safe is one of the most popular products and services that the company provides. The product is a new protocol that the company has developed for maintenance and cleanliness of the rental cars. The protocol is available at all the airports as well as suburban locations where the company operates to customers in need of assurance about the cars.

The company has developed specialized services for customers struggling with myriad physical challenges. As part of the service for such customers, cars around most locations in the United States come fitted with hand controls at no extra charges. The steering wheels on such cars are pre-fitted with spinner knobs for the benefits of the physically challenged customers.

Contacting Hertz Customer Service

If you want to reserve or rent a car, the customer service number to call and speak with a representative of Hertz is 1-800-654-3131 regarding reservations in the United States. On the other hand, the customer service number to call when in need of international reservations is 1-800-654-3001. Email services are also available to those who need help from customer service.

The customer service is capable of receiving requests and questions or enquiries from different groups or types of customers. For example, the company has a textphone service for customers who struggle with hearing and speech impairments. For such customers, the number to call and receive information regarding their bookings and requests for car rentals is 1-800-654-2280.

Hertz Contact Tips

Hertz has demonstrated that it cares for the customers by introducing toll-free numbers to call. The toll-free numbers are for any person who wants to make reservations. The customer service number for those who struggle with hearing and speech impairments operates 24 hours every day, thus ensuring that the customers receive the help they need throughout the day and night.

Budget Phone

Budget is a car rental company that operates in the United States. The company has been providing the car rental services since 1958. Originally, it only had a fleet containing ten cars. The rental company has undergone massive transformations over the years. For example, it introduced Fastbreak, which is a paperless express service for a transaction with customers.

In 2003, the company launched a Business Program that targeted the small and medium-sized businesses by offering them discounts or low rates. Currently, the company is under the ownership of Avis Budget Group. This has made it possible for the rental company to serve customers in different parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Budget Customer Services

Budget Phone Number

The company believes in providing the best value for money where car rental services are concerned. In this regard, one of its more popular products is the Long Term Car Hire, which is for customers who need to rent a car for a minimum of one month. Through this product, customers enjoy cheaper daily rates the longer they rent the car.

Weekly Car Hire is a product that the company created for customers who need to rent the car for a day or two. Through the product, customers enjoy better rates for renting the car for a week. Other amazing products include Weekend Car Hire, Extra Counter Products, Budget Mobile Site and Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental.

Contacting Budget Customer Service

The customer service number for any person who needs to rent a car from Budget is 800-214-6094. The customer service number is available for the French-speaking individuals, who can contact the company by calling 800-268-8991. A customer who needs technical assistance can obtain it by contacting the company through 800-404-8033.

Drivers with physical disabilities who need to hire special types of cars should let the company know by calling 800-314-3932. A textphone service is available for customers who struggle with hearing and speech impairment. If you are such a customer, the textphone number that you should call or use to get in touch with the rental company is 800-826-5510.

Budget Contact Tips

You can contact Budget to make reservations when in the United States or abroad. The customer service number operates between 7.30am and 7.30pm CST from Monday to Friday and 8 am to 6.30pm CST on Saturday and Sunday. The customer service number for the French speakers who want to contact the company runs between 7.30am-7.30pm from Monday to Friday only.

National Rail Phone

Obtaining train tickets in the United Kingdom can be a daunting task. This is because the tickets are in great demand. Fortunately, travellers are now able to find some much-needed assistance through National Rail. The organization helps customers who need help finding the cheap tickets when they want to travel from one station to the United Kingdom to the next.

Through the organization, travellers in the United Kingdom can now call to make enquiries about the availability of specific trains. Customers can also inquire about the departure times and prices. The service is provided under the auspices of Association of Train Operating Companies or ATOC in the UK. Customers can ask for train prices and availability of tickets easily now.

National Rail Customer Services

National Rail Phone Number

Through the services that the organization provides, customers are able to plan their journey and schedules much better. This is because customers can check the train timetables and plan accordingly based on the departure times. Moreover, it ensures that customers catch and travel on their chosen trains on the right day and at the specific time.

The organization allows customers to buy their train tickets in advance. By choosing this option, customers can now save up to 43 percent. This is because the organization highlights the cheapest train tickets for the next national rail booking in the United Kingdom. However, it is worth stating that the 43 percent savings apply on specific train routes around the country.

Contacting National Rail Customer Service

It is possible to get in touch with National Rail through the customer service numbers. You should contact the organization on 03457 484 950 for all the general enquiries that you wish to make. The organization has established what it calls TrainTracker. It is possible to contact TrainTracker by calling customer service on 0871 200 4 950.

TrainTracker is available for customers who cannot communicate or hear properly. To get in touch with the organization and ask about this particular service, such customers should call 84950. The organization is accessible from abroad. Customers who are outside the United Kingdom should contact it through +44 (0) 20 7278 5240.

National Rail Contact Tips

Calls that customers make to National Rail through the 0871 numbers cost 10p per minute, but only from BT landlines. Customers who call from other mobile phones and landlines will pay higher call costs. On the other hand, the textphone service, which is available on 84950, costs 25p but only when the customer receives a successful reply from the organization. You can find alternative ways of reaching them via their website.

eCar Insurance Phone

This is a car insurance company that operates in the United Kingdom. The company is now rebranding and will now have a new name – Brightside. The change of name or rebranding will not change the quality of work and service that the company provides to customers in the United Kingdom. If anything, the rebranding will lead to improved quality insurance products and services.

Thus far, the company has allowed customers to apply for and renew car insurance policies online. On the other hand, the change of name and rebranding will make it harder to renew insurance covers online. Going forward, customers can only apply for insurance renewal through the telephone and mobile phones.

eCar Insurance Customer Services

eCar Insurance Phone Number

The company allows customers the right to cancel the insurance policy that they took for their cars. In addition to this, it also allows customers the freedom change the car on the policy. What is more, customers are free to make any changes that deem necessary to their policies. A customer can apply to the insurance company for proof to his no claims discount.

Customers have to open an online account with the company. Customers can then get in touch with the company through the online account. In addition to this, the online account makes it much easier for customers to manage their accounts and make changes to their policies. The online accounts are great for customers who feel the need to cancel their policies.

Contacting eCar Insurance Customer Service

Customer service is available by phone to handle all the concerns and questions that you might have regarding your eCar insurance. The beauty of getting in touch with customer service through phone calls is that only local rates apply. A customer who needs to renew his car policy should get in touch with the insurance company through 0333 222 4552.

Email services are available to customers who prefer using such methods to ask questions or seek clarifications and more information. To get in touch through emails, customers should submit their concerns and questions or enquiries to On the other hand, customers can write and send letters through the regular mail.

eCar Insurance Contact Tips

The customer service numbers are open during the weekdays only. For this reason, you should call the numbers only between 9 am and 6 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, calls to the customer service numbers will go unanswered since no advisor will be in the office to receive and respond to them.

ECAR INSURANCE Customer Service


About ECAR Insurance

This business entity was established in the year 2004. The founding members of this group were the senior executives from the respective industry whose idea clicked with the customers and matched their needs. This car insurance service was followed by;
a) eHome
b) eVan
services as well. In the current times, the company has to its credit the sales of more than a million policies. In fact, it is considered as the most rapidly expanding business entity in the UK. It allows the customers to manage their policies by themselves through comprehensive online systems and tools facilitating them to;
a) Get a quote
b) Buy at a suitable time
c) Make mid-term adjustment
The customers can efficiently manage their options through an Online Personal Account. This is a revered business entity in the UK that boasts comprehensive online services, competitive pricing and offers real benefits to its employees.

ECAR Insurance Customer Service

The users and customers can get in touch with the ECAR Insurance customer service department in many of the following ways cited below, which include;
1. They can sift through to read the FAQs section provided on the website
2. They can also make use of the online search tool of the website which allows them to get answers to their questions by typing them into the search box provided
a) Driving license counterpart
b) Photo card
c) Proof of bonus etc.
3. The proof of bonus can also be sent to
4. The scanned copies of these documents can also be sent using the MMS option on number 07537 416059
5. Customers can speak to the company advisors on 0906 736 6522. The operating hours for this line are 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. The call is charged at £1.02 per minute plus network extras
6. The complaint manager can be reached through the email address
7. The customers can also choose to write using the postal address at;
eCar, Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust, Bristol, BS35 4BL
8. ECAR customer service can also be reached at 01454 634887

ECAR Insurance Customer Service Tips

The users and customers that wish to get in touch with the ECAR Insurance customer service department will have to make sure to remember a few points when contacting them;
1. The users must have information regarding the Current Certificate of Insurance and have other related details on hands when in touch with the representative of the company to minimize the delays and allow prompt responses
2. When it comes to sending documents the preferred method of the company is via email. However, the customers should not forget to attach their scanned photographs along with these documents

National Rail Customer Service


About National Rail Customer Service

This platform is a customer information source for the passengers who are using the National Rail network in the regions of;
a) England
b) Wales
c) Scotland
In fact, it manages enquiries counting to millions on weekly basis and provides authentic and latest information related to;
a) Journey planning
b) Ticket sales
c) Real time information
d) Fares information
e) Range of rail-related information
to those seeking this information.

National Rail Customer Service

The customers and users who wish to get in touch with the National Rail customer service department can always make use of the varying options cited below, which include;
1. Using the social media website links that include;
a) Reddit
b) Stumbleupon
c) Digg
2. They can make use of the search box provided on the website to type their questions and get replies instantly
3. These customers and users can also sift through the popular questions section on the website
4. They also have the option of getting the answers through the “Search the Community” option provided online
5. For writing to the company about the complaints and queries the postal address is;
Enquiries, Customer Relations, FREEPOST RSEH-TBGE-HBJJ, Plymouth, PL4 6AB
6. The customer service telephone lines are Open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 except Christmas Day on 0800 022 3720
7. To get in touch with the customer relation team they can use the email address
8. They can also make use of the mailing address;
Passenger Focus, FREEPOST RTEH-XAGE-BYKZ, PO Box 5594, Southend On Sea, SS1 9PZ
9. The active phone number is 0300 123 2350
10. For inquiries, the number is 08457 48 49 50
11. For overseas customers, the number is +44(0)20 7278 5240
12. For tracking the trains the number is 0871 200 49 50
13. For tracking the trains through text, send station name to 8 49 50
14. For those with hearing impairment, the number is 0845 60 50 600

National Rail Customer Service Tips

The customers and users who wish to get in touch with the National Rail customer service department should keep in mind a few things, which include;
1. The calls placed at the inquiry numbers of the company will be recorded and monitored for quality purposes
2. The customer service lines do not operate on the Christmas Day