AMEX Customer Service

AMEX Customer Service

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Founded in 1850, America Express or Amex as it’s popularly known is an American based global service company that works on ensuring that customers easily access insights, products as well as experiences that enrich their lives. In general, Amex is regarded as an engine for commerce that provides to their customers, two things, the first one being a payment and travel system that is innovative and two, an expense management solution that is highly reliable. One thing that Amex has been able to do so successfully is helping its customers realize their aspirations and dream.

AMEX Customer Service

On a day to day basis, Amex strives to ensure that it has made it safer, easier and rewarding for their consumers and businesses in the UK as they go about their day to day business. It has been able to do this thanks to the various services that they offer. Below is a list of services offered by Amex;

  • Amex helps their customer’s process million of transactions on a day to day basis
  • Helps small businesses to grow by delivering a strong flexibility, financial control and purchasing power
  • Amex makes it possible for companies or merchants to easily manage their spending and save money thanks to its commercial payment tools.
  • Amex offers a variety of rewards as well so be sure to check them out from time to time
  • A dedicated 24hr team that works on ensuring customers are served 24 hours a day
  • Companies and merchants can easily build their business by taking advantage of AOL’s management and marketing insights

Amex has been able to tap into the British market and capture the attention of many British consumers thanks to the variety of services and products that it offers. For instance, when it comes to cards, British consumers have the option of choosing from a Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card, American Express Card as well as British Airways American Express Card. For more on what Amex offers for its UK customers contact their customer care by dialling the Amex contact number provided below.

For you to enjoy a better Amex experience you will have to sign up with them. Signing up with Amex takes a very short period of time and it ensures that you have access to a number of things that a normal user doesn’t have for instance you will have access to Secure Messaging. In addition to having secure messaging, creating an account with Amex will give you the ability to viewing your online details in full. There are also various rewards offered by Amex to its UK consumers from time to time in appreciation of its customers in the UK. For more on Amex reward systems and more information on the company, give them a call by dialling Amex contact number that has been provided below. For more on Amex services and products do visit their website by clicking here

AMEX Customer Service
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7 Responses to AMEX Customer Service

  1. Harry K says:

    service is really good.I do have a Amex card with my bank.They do provide offers but I have not availed it.The offer provided by them was not as per the need.

  2. Faisal Jarik says:

    Amex credit card is costly. In the Platinum credit card charges and interest rate is expensive than others . I think they should lower the rate of interest on the credit card

  3. Peter Costa says:

    I use a Amex credit card from my local Bank. They have good cash back offers. The reward point system is not so good.

  4. Jerin Khan says:

    I have faced some problem with my credit card. My card was stolen and used by theft. Anyway Amex customer support helped me. I am really grateful to them.

  5. Sohail Kadir says:

    It is simple to earn points and seamless to use them toward travel expenses.

  6. Monto K says:

    Amex does an excellent job monitoring unusual charges. Also you replace cards quickly when needed

  7. Shaminoor says:

    The rewards on my Amex card are great! Every time we go out of town, we know our hotel stay is paid for. Love it!!

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